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Affordable Quality Healthcare

What’s Happening to Healthcare?

Last week the Los Angeles Times declared it conventional wisdom thatCOVID-19 proves Bernie Sanders was right about “Medicare for All.” The Times said with universal health coverage, the government wouldn’t have to send emergency aid to “hospitals and state health programs.” But is that actually true?

Louisiana Unsafe Abortion Protection Act Law

The Louisiana Unsafe Abortion Protection Act law was before the Supreme court this week. Yes, another abortion case is before the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). The high court heard oral arguments Wednesday in the June Medical Services v. Russo. The case involves a Louisiana law. The law requires doctors performing abortions at clinics to have admitting privileges …

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Democrat Leadership?

Democrat Leadership?

Have you ever read an article and just cringed. Well, recently there was an article which began with the statement that: “If there’s one thing the government is good at, it’s fixing massive crises.” donkey and elephant

Donkeys and Elephants and Economies, Oh, my!

The Republican Party (elephants) is stereotyped as more business-friendly. The stereotype says elephants favor a more limited size of government. They favor a smaller role of government in regulating the economy. But really, the important part is; they are in favor of regulating the economy.