Carol-(S)Care - Granite Grok



Carol-Care Meets RealityIndependent voices might have some expectation of doing independent things.  Things like reading legislation or accessing resources outside the ones the people desperately selling a bill want you to stick to.  That kind of open mindedness would go a long way to demonstrating integrity and responsibility.  Or you could be Carol Shea Porter. 

Carol sold Health Care reform as instructed.  She shifted gears as instructed, spun when asked, and followed the talking points all the way to the bitter end like a clumsy dancer following on the fly choreography.

But now that the reality of what she has done is upon us, it sure would have been nice to have an independent voice instead Carol Shea-Porter.

Carol was told Health Care Reform would lower the defict.  After they passed it CBO said it would raise the deficit.  But don’t worry.  She was only off by about 400 billion.

We get taxes now.  Lot of them. Job killing, economy destroying taxes.  No new jobs like you were told Carol, fewer jobs.

Carol was told you would get to keep your insurance if you wanted to and that premium savings were a boon to the economy.  Turns out premiums are going up, and going up so much and so quickly that millions of current policy holders will lose their coverage and be forced out before the plan even takes affect and into the government plan once it is.  That’s not keeping your insurance if you want to. 

(Maybe we should stand them up on a stage like political props and go "look!  These poor folks have suffered so much at the hands of Carol-care…"  Where have I seen that kind of theater before?)

Carol was told that there would finally be risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions.  But the rules may only allow 200,000 people nationally into "the" risk pool. Only 200,000? And you have to be without insurance for six months before you apply.  You want to tell me again why the states and the free market could not have done this better?  You don’t know do you Carol.

Veterans and the handicapped will be paying even more for prosthetics because of a huge new tax imposed by Carol.

Not that Carol gives a damn (Carol rakes in a load of abortion lobby cash) but Obamacare will fund abortions, no surprise to anyone who didn’t have their head up the "Mule" of health Care “reform.”

No to death panels and rationing she was told, but yes to Berwick the crowned prince of “rationing.”  As the rationing Czar in the Obama shadow cabinet, Berwick will be free to realize his fantasies with little or no objection from any democrat run congress because rationing is the only way to cut costs in a system like that and ration they shall.   That means fewer tests, less treatments for older American’s, and maybe just a pain pill until you die.  Was it sold as ‘suck it up’ care?  I don’t think it was.

Carol said it would insure just about everyone, yet looking just nine years into the future we can still expect tens of millions of people will remain uninsured taking the universal out of universal coverage.  New definition.  Not new for democrats.

The rules are so complex–probably tens of thousands of pages more than the actual bill–that no one knows or will know how to respond.  The industry is in shock, frozen in place, waiting to see what hoops they will need to jump through.  And since many of the provisions are at the will and whim of the Minister of Health, they may never know.  This is increasing costs and driving people out of the insurance and healthcare industry.  That will affect access.  Didn’t Carol and her hooligan friends say this would improve access?  Wrong again.

Carol has made it more expensive for younger people to buy and pay for insurance because these are the people who will bear the burden of the 700 billion in new taxes needed to fund this pig in just the first ten years on top of premium increases.  And staying on mom and dad’s insurance is not less expensive.  And these are costs that will depress wages, employment and growth.  And older people will have fewer options and benefits, most of them trapped in Carol’s declining federal health system with less benefits and more paperwork–and as always more reliance on the incompetents in government.  

So it doesn’t lower the deficit,  you probably can’t keep your insurance, premiums are still going to go up, they managed to screw up the risk pool, it funds abortions, millions remain uninsured, rationing will be required, it will cost more to do less, less access and fewer choices, and it will cost jobs and economic growth.

That’s Carol Care.  She said what she was told to say, voted the way she was told to vote, and you get screwed. 


Resources: CATO, Senate Report