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Medical socialism vial and syringe - boosters will be required

Vaccine Mandates and the Nationalization of American Health Care

What if you could wave a magic wand (or write a memo) and have a nonexistent government mandate enforced by fearful private sector factions? You get what you want without having to expend any actual political capital, and no one can sue you over it because no existing law or rule exists.


AFP-NH Puts a Focus on 10 Key Legislative Priorities for 2021

Last week American’s for Prosperity New Hampshire published a list of legislative priorities for the Granite State in 2021. They’ve put a much-needed focus on ten pieces of legislation covering Education, Licensing, Free Speech, Asset Forfeiture, Health Care, and (believe it or not) Climate Change (sort of).

Larger is the New Smaller

Suppose some people come to your home and tell you that, since you have too much money, and they don’t have enough, you have to give them some of yours; and if you don’t, they’ll hurt you.  If they do this regularly, they don’t even need to continue with the threats, since the ongoing threat …

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