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Carol Stands Up For…?

Carol Shea Porter has been accused of using the oil spill and related disasters as a way to get campaign contributions.    In response her campaign manager, Angela Ruslander, said this in her defense.

“Carol Shea-Porter is standing up to BP and other big corporations who are irresponsibly hurting our environment and our economy.”   

Wait it gets better. 

“She’ll continue to speak out and stand up for New Hampshire.  That is why she doesn’t take any campaign money from business PAC’s and DC lobbyists.” 

Where do I begin with Angela and Carol? Let’s start with the latter statement. 

Most of Carol’s money since she arrived in congress (2008 here, 2010 here) comes from labor unions and ideological single issue special interests.  Most of your money—the billions Carol spent—went to prop up unions and support special interests.   As I’ve pointed out previously, New Hampshire has a very small union population, yet 17 of her top 20 contributors are unions.  So Carol is just as corrupt and just as connected, if not more so, filtering thousands in contributions into billions in taxpayer handouts to her donors.  But that’s just part of the hypocrisy. 

Carol’s third largest contributors are congressional and Campaign PAC’s most if not all of whom are in democrat leadership and take millions from business PAC’s and DC lobbyists.  Taking money from them is simply taking corporate and lobbyist money laundered through the party leadership whom she votes with at least 95% of the time.  So don’t be fooled.  Carol is just as beholden to the corporate lobbyists through her obeisance to the congressional PAC’s and the corporate money they shovel into her campaigns, because her voting history supports that argument. 

So who is Carol Shea-Porter really representing; democrat party leadership and their corporate paymasters, big unions, the abortion and green lobby.  Yes, I see it now Angela.  Carol Shea-Porter is standing up—but not for New Hampshire.


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