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Liberal Pride

The New Hampshire Liberal Pride (NHLP)  group lead by Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan, sometimes referred to by its front name The New Hampshire Democrat Party-an organization funded by prominent left wing donors from all over the country–have not yet taken to burning giant cardboard tea-cups on peoples lawns but that could begin any day now.  Their hatred for all things “Tea Party” related is so deep that any opportunity to lambaste them or anyone near them gets them all unhinged. 

Just this past weekend Sarah Warner, director of the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance assumed a White Pride rally in Concord was associated with the Tea Party movement.  Prominent NHLP members immediately launched the tired old attack that Republican candidates for congress must condemn the tea party and distance themselves from it, smearing anyone who refused. 

Sullivan, a lawyer and former NHDP Chairman, was quoted over at NowHampshire saying…“Charlie Bass, Frank Guinta … should denounce this racist crap immediately,” Sullivan stated. “True patriots don’t countenance racism, and if you don’t denounce it, you are countenancing it. They should show some courage and stand up to the radical fringe elements.” 

Need any more proof that the NHLP crowd is motivated by their political bigotry and hatred first and foremost?  There were no Tea Party people involved in the rally, something the left wing hate mongers couldn’t be bothered to verify before making complete asses of themselves on a public forum. 

But not to worry.  Any moment now the grand wizards of New Hampshire Liberal Pride will show some courage and stand up to the radical fringe elements…that unjustly tried to link White Pride members with the Tea Party.  (That’s sounds eerily familiar…) 

Any day now.  Any day….Any…. 

The Concord Monitor, the NHLP daily propaganda paper—think Daily Worker lite—refused to be left out of the fun so they published a cartoon which infers that tea party activists are KKK quality racists.  It draws a nice parallel to Sarah Warmer’s “Racists and homophobes” remarks, so someone at the CM can expect to keep their job when the next round of layoffs comes up.   The LP folks were probably as excited as school girls tittering over a Jonas Brothers pictorial in the latest issue of Teen Beat magazine when they saw it.  And I’m sure it’s found it’s way into work spaces throughout the firmament of the NHLP utopia and up at the NHDP offices in Concord. 

Meanwhile, Sarah Warner has yet to apologize for the misunderstanding as of this writing, which is all it was until the LP folks and Blue Hampshire decided the free publicity—and probably a check or two from likeminded nit-wits who care not one bit for the truth—was worth more than having to…what was that Sullivan said again….show some courage and stand up to radical fringe elements in their own party who manufactured racism and homophobia for political points? 

Ironically enough, the White Pride group that was holding the rally has plenty of courage.  NowHampshire has a statement from them on the matter… 

“As one of the five members of North East White Pride that staged the rally on Sunday at the Concord state house, I can assure everyone that we are not in anyway affiliated with the Tea Party Coalition. That movement, like the “Reagan Revolution” and the “Contract with America” before it, will fail, simply because it refuses to acknowledge that the problems facing America are racial. The Powers-That- Be hate White America and until White Americans come to understand this, they (the PTB) will continue to denigrate our heritage, rob us of our traditions, and destroy our culture and way of life. Although I think the Tea Partiers are headed down the wrong path, I certainly support their right not to be slandered. If the Tea Party Coalition needs an affidavit from me, you can contact me by clicking on my name above.”


I think that clears it up.  

Of course the people running the democrat party in New Hampshire are the radical fringe element on the left.  They are the driving force behind the unhinged Liberal Pride movement in the granite state.  So they won’t be standing up to themselves anytime soon, nor demonstrating any of that courage they expect from everyone else.  How convenient for them.

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