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Salvation-Army-embraces-CRT Newsweek via Legal Insurrection

Go Woke, Go Broke -The Salvation Army Gets a Christmas Lesson

Normally, I’d feel bad for them but donors have shut their wallets to the Salvation Army because they decided to join with the self-immolation and self-flagellation of whites who must repent of their racist ways” after going full Critical Race Theory ala Black Lives Matter” by promoting White guilt” indiscriminately.

Racist White Background

WHO – Booster Programs are Racist

The World Health Organization (WHO) is worried that there won’t be enough COVID poison for developing countries. They’ve issued something of a warning. You western countries and your pushy booster programs are going to prolong The Pandemic™.

The Salvation Army Logo

The Salvation Army’s New Mission – White People are Racists

The Salvation Army has embraced a new mission as part of its foundational commitment to “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. To pre-discriminate against whites, and they created a study guide to do it.

Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

Not Guilty!

Well, after seeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on TV I feared leftist pressure would pervert our justice system. However, twelve people, good and true, pronounced him “not guilty” on all counts. Of course the Left is going nuts, many still sound like they spent their time watching Andy Griffin reruns and expecting a white man …

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