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Biden Does Not Condemn Violence

Biden Does Not Condemn Violence

Joe Biden is finally tipping his cap to the leftist violence plaguing America’s major cities. For months he’s been hiding in his basement acting like nothing is going on. There have been riots in; New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle, among other cities.

The American System Remains a Problem.

Holster the Blamethrower, Joe – It is Time for Some Accountability

The American system remains a problem even though Biden has been a leading part of it for nearly 50 years. Biden continues to go with the general narrative. He excoriates the police for the shooting of Jacob Blake. Sure, Biden gave violence a tongue clucking. But to Joe the problem remains the American system.

Jack Brewer Spekas at RNC convention

Lifelong Democrat Jack Brewer Supports Donald Trump for President

Another great story from the Republican convention. A former NFL player, a black man who says he knows what racism looks like, support President Trump. Jack Brewer takes five minutes to tell us about his encounters with skinheads and testifying for a friend who killed one in self-defense.

Anyone else have this dream?

On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, it seems appropriate to ask to what extent that dream is coming true.

Colorblindness is the problem and racist

Colorblindness Is the Problem and Racist: Part I

Colorblindness is racist, or at least that’s what the woke would have us believe. It’s not true, but then again look who is making the assertion. Woke doctrine fundamentally rejects the concept of equal opportunity. It asserts America is a deeply racist society. That is false. But, buy the premise, buy the argument.


Black people are recessive genetic defects and sub-humxn. No, I didn’t say that but…

Oh Wait!  That’s not what was said – at least not by a Person of Pallor. It was by one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement – . Now, do you think THAT’s about “racial harmony” or leaning more towards “Black Supremacy”? ….and another deleted classic from Yusra Khogali pic.twitter.com/SHvrpmamO5 — Adam …

Black people are recessive genetic defects and sub-humxn. No, I didn’t say that but… Read More »