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BLM: Vaccine Passports Are Racist

A co-founder of BLM in New York City says that 72% of blacks between 18 and 44 in the Big Apple are unvaccinated. Gee, I guess they don’t trust the government? She also says disenfranchising unvaccinated blacks is discrimination.

Jen Tafuto CT Teacher

Teacher Resigns Over Equity Curriculum

Another teacher has resigned because she is unwilling to promote the Marxist agenda in her classroom. Jen Tafuto says, “I wanted to become a teacher to share my love of learning, to teach language arts and math, and encourage kindness — but I didn’t sign up to be a revolutionary,”

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Very Good Advice…

Weekend Pundit is a weekly read for me. DCE’s “Thoughts On Sunday” always has some tidbit that strikes home. I only wish that he would do more but this one, for all of us Normals, is good advice: