The night Westeros became a Republic (and allowed secession) - Granite Grok

The night Westeros became a Republic (and allowed secession)

If you watched the Game of Thrones finale last night, did you make the same critical observations I did?

If you never succumbed to the Game of Thrones mania, please stick with me – I guarantee my point applies to everyone, regardless.

In one of the final scenes, the condemned Tyrion Lannister was brought out of his cell into the Dragon Pits to face the new Great Council (the surviving post-war tribal leaders from the seven Kingdoms of Westeros).  In that scene, he makes the case that his life should be decided by the king or queen – but there is no such ruler, after those in ascension were either killed or banished.  Tyrion then masterfully convinces the council that they need to pick a new king.

But how do they choose their leader in this new era?

Discussion then follows about the method.  One character, Samwell Tarly, argues that the King will “not just serve over Lords and Ladies“, he will serve (and should be chosen by) “everyone“, an obvious nod to full-on Democracy, where leaders are chosen by popular vote (mob/majority rule). (see 2:12  and 5:45 in this video, also shown below)

At that moment, I groaned deeply, thinking HBO was using the moment to push a modern political agenda, where Trump-deranged Democrats rage dangerously for the elimination of the brilliant Electoral College, in favor of the popular vote.

I was then suddenly and quietly elated when the other council members began to belly-laugh at the idea – one asking if his dog should get a vote, another joking that he will “ask his horse”.  Mob rule ridiculed and shot down on the spot.

Tyrion then nominates someone for the job – an impartial character who may actually want the job to serve, not to rule.  And he insists that “from now on, rulers will not be born but will be chosen…by the Lords and Ladies of Westeros” who, selected by their own people, represent the various houses of the kingdom.

During the ensuing vote, Sansa Stark, leader of Winterfell, declares that her kingdom will remain neutral and independent, opting out of the union.

So, in one scene of an episode watched by nearly 20 million people, we see a Republic (if you can keep it) favored over a Democracy, and the general acceptance of a member-state choosing to secede from a union that it feels it cannot belong to – two very American themes, both hated by Leftists.  Not too shabby.

Ok, a Monarchical-Republic, but definitely not a messy Democracy…one victory at a time.

Go to 2:12 of this video to see Westeros reject pure Democracy and 5:45 to see it become a Republic: