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No Facemask? NH Teacher Hopes You “Die Quicker”

Recently, the Concord Monitor published a story about New Hampshire businesses “implementing their own mask mandates”.

It was your typical Monitor story – where they push the COVID narrative of submission and “listening to the experts” when it comes to mask-wearing in a state with an extremely low case volume and mortality rate, where nearly 90% of deaths occur inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

But let’s forget about that for one second.

The Monitor posted their story on Facebook, and the volleys began flying between those who willingly submit to the hysteria (five months into the pandemic) and those who choose personal accountability over fear.

One such sheep happened to be John Stark Regional High School’s music teacher, Dan Williams.

Mr. Williams is a known entity here – he was once an official contributor to the Concord Monitor (he could still be for all I know, since I don’t read it) and was a frequent Granite Grok gadfly (“Hunter Dan”), eventually banned after all sorts of inappropriate comments (many found to be made while he was teaching, based on the timestamps).

A debate ensued on the thread and, true to form, Williams couldn’t help but spew violent rhetoric in a public forum.  His comment was that he was glad some of us weren’t wearing masks, hoping we would “die quicker”.

Is this what today’s American teacher has become?  Are they all this angry and incendiary?  Do they all lack the ability to restrain themselves online with the people who pay their salaries (surprise: I live in the John Stark school district and pay nearly $8,000/year in property taxes).

I hope Williams is an outlier and that most teachers, who spend their days with our children, are at least smart enough to keep their composure and bearing, even if they happen to feel the same way.

And I sincerely hope that they aren’t passing this attitude along to the kids (although I strongly suspect Williams may be).

Letters were sent to the SAU, principal and school board, showing them the comment, expressing concern.  They indicated that they would bring the issue up at the next school board meeting – but that any information about action against Williams would be kept confidential (as a personnel issue).  So, no one will ever know whether Williams is ever reprimanded or not.

Mr. William’s comments reflect very poorly on the John Stark Regional School system – and I hope they take appropriate action.

What do you think?

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