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Thanks for the memories, Joe…

If you are old enough to remember 1987, you probably forgot all about this.

If not, then it’s no surprise you had no idea that Joe Biden dropped out of the 1987 Presidential Race, in disgrace, thanks to allegations of plagiarism in his Presidential stump speeches (he stole lines from Margaret Thatcher’s challenger Neil Kinnock).

Biden’s chief competitor, Mass. Governor Michael Dukakis, discovered Biden’s campaign trickery and created a very successful attack ad over it.

That was the year another Democratic candidate, the frontrunner Gary Hart, washed out of the race due to his infidelity and womanizing.

This was so long ago that Newsweek actually dug up further allegations (later admitted) of Biden committing additional plagiarism during his Syracuse Law School days – and the rest of the leftist mainstream media actually ran with the story! (NY Times) (Washington Post) (Time Magazine) (LA Times).

But give Joe a break; he didn’t mean to be “malevolent”.

Thanks for the memories, Joe!

Adding to the entertainment, Biden has been a supreme bungler during his entire political “career”.  His more memorable gaffes can be seen here.  Thanks again, Joe.

Here’s to Biden getting the 2020 nomination…