Democrat Greed reaches a new level in NH - Granite Grok

Democrat Greed reaches a new level in NH

The audacity of NH Democrats has no limit.

There is a hearing this week (Thursday, Jan 23, 1pm) for a Democrat-sponsored bill HB1268, seeking student loan “forgiveness” for people who “serve” in the NH legislature.

NH has a pretty great system, where Legislators make $100 per year in a 2-year session.  This arrangement generally guarantees that people who truly want to serve will run for office – most aren’t doing it for the money.

Our State budget is already bursting at the seams.

But this bill, in a state with the second-highest average student loan debt, would guarantee a whole crop of gimme-gimme candidates, desperate to pay off their loans, serving themselves instead of our community.  You can bet it would bleed the budget dry, forcing another round of income and/or sales tax debates.

And not happy that we recently increased state funding for public universities ($172,000,000 this year), Democrats continue to chip away at their goal of “free college for all” with a multi-pronged series of trough-gorging bills.

And YOU are paying for it, whether your kids go to college or not.  

Have you stepped foot on a college campus lately?  I recommend you take a walk around one – and be prepared for a shock.  New and expanded facilities, massive recreational and dining complexes and luxury dormitories – it’s immediately clear that they are (and have been) on a drunken spending spree and have NO intent on stopping.  Fiscal restraint and practicality are clearly NOT a priority, just looking at the palaces and castles.

And don’t forget the blatant Leftist indoctrination we are funding.

So, as we approach the elections of November, remember which party (State and Federally) is more likely to open up the money spigot for these universities – vote with your wallet.

Are you angry yet?

As always, tell your friends.