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There Will be No Unification in Washington – So Stop Asking for That


“When will Democrats and Republicans finally get along in Washington, D.C.?” The short answer is that they won’t because there is a fundamental issue that lies right in front of the American people that many refuse to acknowledge. This is a fight between good and evil.

That may sound mystical or fictional at first, even hyperbolic, but is it?

No, I’m not going to defend the Republican party, because, in truth, that party has become unprincipled and shown a lot of cowardice over the years. Thankfully, since the rise of Trump, the Republicans who were Moderates at best, have shifted left quickly. They exposed themselves.

While that does not answer the question presented, it is essential to point out. Rather than using the party platform as our standard by which we will define the values of the parties, let’s use the cultural norm. After all, politics is downstream from culture.

We have a broken culture. I think anyone willing to think critically and logically about the condition of America will agree with that. We have a minority of representatives attempting to represent what I believe is the majority of Americans’ view: The natural rights of man, the Constitution, and the rule of law. However, we also have many in Washington who are there for power, and they are willing to do anything to get it. I think most can agree on that, regardless of your political affiliation.

Let’s consider some of our natural rights and break this down a bit. The right to life. Yes, that is the sanctity of life, the right not to be aborted on the mother’s womb. The right to self-defense. That is our natural right to own, carry, and use firearms to defend our life, our families and friends, and to defend our liberty from tyrants who wish to oppress us. The right to speak. We have the inherent right to freely express what is on our minds and hearts, without fear of the government imprisoning us or executing us. The right to worship our God as we please. You know, like going to church, which has effectively been shut down over the last several months.

Those are just a few natural rights we have as humans. They are given to us by God, and we are free to express and practice them. The Democrat Party is in complete opposition to these rights at every turn. Republicans, in general, are in support of them. Now, consider the social values, morality. The voters and especially the politicians, cannot agree on much of anything. We disagree on marriage, life, death, gender, sexuality, self-defense, and a list of other issues, which are the root of the problem.

Now, throw in the hate, anger, malice, and bitterness infused into the minds of the youth over the last several decades. The result is a culture that lost its identity and, therefore, has left us with politicians who fight nonstop, with no legislative solutions. Ultimately, legislation is not going to fix our nation. I think Samuel Adams had the proven solution in mind when he said this:

“It has been observed, that ‘education has a greater influence on manners, than human laws can have.’ Human laws excite fears and apprehensions, least crimes committed may be detected and punished: But a virtuous education is calculated to reach and influence the heart, and to prevent crimes. A very judicious writer, has quoted Plato, who in showing what care for the security of States ought to be taken of the education of youth, speaks of it as almost sufficient to supply the place both of Legislation and Administration. Such an education, which leads the youth beyond mere outside shew, will impress their minds with a profound reverence of the Deity, universal benevolence, and a warm attachment and affection towards their country. It will excite in them a just regard to Divine Revelation, which informs them of the original character and dignity of Man; and it will inspire them with a sense of true honor, which consists in conforming as much as possible, their principles, habits, and manners to that original character. It will enlarge their powers of mind, and prompt them impartially to search for truth in the consideration of every subject that may employ their thoughts; and among other branches of knowledge, it will instruct them in the skill of political architecture and jurisprudence; and qualify them to discover any error, if there should be such, in the forms and administration of Governments, and point out the method of correcting them.” – Address from Samuel Adams to Massachusetts Legislature as Governor, January 17, 1794

Adams believed that if people have a reverence for God and an understanding of His Word, “It will enlarge their powers of mind, and prompt them impartially to search for the truth in consideration of every subject that may employ their thoughts.” Politicians will have the guidance to govern properly, and the people will have the understanding to correct the wrongs in culture and government, through electing the right representatives.

We are losing our nation because we have turned away from our Creator. We have forgotten how to govern correctly. Good and evil do exist, and they cannot coexist. They will never get along. There will be absolutely no unification with good and evil, so do not expect it. The hate, anger, malice, and strife will only get worse until we the people return to the values and the principles that made us great from the start. Unification will only happen when our personal and national values are based on a virtuous and unchanging standard. It is time we hit the restart button and begin looking to God again for personal and national guidance and peace.