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What Do Democrats Mean by “Human Rights?”

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Last night Democrats took to the national stage for another debate. I will admit, I only caught about 15 minutes of it. But within those 15 minutes, I heard something from the candidates that I keep hearing from the political left consistently. They keep talking about “human rights.”

That, in addition to other things they keep saying, need to be addressed. Republicans need to demand they define these terms.

Human rights

It’s time to demand an answer: What does “human rights” mean? All we keep hearing from the Democrats are examples, such as healthcare, livable wages, free college, equality, etc. The problem is, these are just examples of what they think a human right is, not an actual definition that establishes a standard to provide consistency in communication and understanding.

By not defining what a human right is, anyone can arbitrarily deem a service as a human right. At that point, anything can become a human right, as we have seen from the Democrats. If you want free healthcare, call it a human right! How about free college? Yeah, that too! Livable wage? Yes, please, with a side of affordable housing, if you don’t mind. Would you like a drink with that?

Democrats today will acknowledge that human rights do exist, but they ignore things that are actual human rights. As they are often called, unalienable rights or natural rights. We see the most fundamental examples found in the Declaration of Independence; life liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which is derived from Locke’s understanding of ownership of private property.)

Unfortunately, Democrats willfully reject the very rights that do fall under the concept of human rights. They reject the right to self-defense, sanctity of life, free speech, ownership of property, and many other liberties. This is, of course, all part of the totalitarian agenda to maintain and increase power for a relatively small group of elite people. We need to demand they define what they mean, and no, an example is not a definition. They should know that natural rights are inherent from birth and do not require the labor of another person (other than birth, which still doesn’t need a doctor… many women still give birth at home.)

American values

This term keeps getting tossed around, as well. Especially in last night’s debate, I heard it several times. See, when I speak of American values, I think of hard work, biblical marriage, life at conception, support for firearms, respect, honor, etc.

Look at the Democrat stage. What do they consider American values? Abortion, stealing money from taxpayers, oppressing the human right to self-defense, destroying families through encouraging sexual immorality, the list goes on. People might think, “well, values change. The Democrats understand that we live in a new generation, a new culture of differences in values.”

The problem is, those differences are not what America was founded upon, and those differences are destroying our nation. The truth is, Democrats still want to make the language appear and sounds attractive, because the average voter, the average American is going to listen to that message and remain skeptical and concerned. So, the political left has ripped off the language from the conservative side and tweaked it; removed “traditional” and kept “American.”


These two terms have been used quite a bit lately, and the irony is laughable. The Democrats refer to President Trump as a dictator and Republican policies as totalitarian, when the reality is, they are what they accuse Republicans of being.

This goes back to what I mentioned earlier. Let’s demand that the Democrats define what totalitarian mean. Define what “dictator” means. But first, for a dictator and totalitarianism to be present and in action, rights must be violated. If we can’t even agree on what a human right is, then how can we agree on what totalitarianism is? There must be oppression of the people and violation of rights. The political left is convinced that the Republicans are encouraging a totalitarian government. But upon what is this based? Is it based on the idea that we don’t believe that healthcare and college should be free?

There must be a definition, a standard established, in order for us to all be of the same understanding. But we are not, nor will we likely be with the current state of culture. This is why I inform and encourage people to refer to Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, as well as John Locke’s Treatise on government. Those sources will help provide an incredible understanding of the proper function of government and the definitions of tens of thousands of terms that help us enhance our communication and language.

We can’t keep allowing the political left to get away with ripping off and even perverting the definitions and use of words. They need to be challenged and exposed. We need to know how to ask the right question and walk them into their own inconsistency and hypocrisy.