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Weather Cycles vs. Climate Alarmists


Climate change is hot again (pun intended) after Greta Thunberg gave her speech with tears and passion. I honestly thought it sounded like a fantastic narration to a movie trailer. Sadly, it’s not a movie; it’s real life. The totalitarian left has taken this girl and turned her into a puppet to promote lies and a false religion.

Yes, I said it, a religion. A false religion.

I don’t mind children being involved in politics. I care when they are used to advance causes that promote lies and undermine the natural rights of man. That is precisely what this climate religion does; it undermines liberty by usurping the power of the people, and placing arbitrary control in the hands of an out-of-control government.

Rather than giving readers my thoughts on this topic, I’m going to let you read it straight from the experts themselves.

Dr. Joe D’Aleo, who is a climatologist and Co-Founder of The Weather Channel (aka. Dr. Dew Point), along with Ron Moore, weather historian, and storm chaser, filmed a 3-part series on the inevitable extreme weather cycle we are about to enter in the coming years.

D’Aleo, as well as Moore, both believe that we are heading into a period of extreme weather, which has not been witnessed in decades. These scientists based their predictions on weather cycles of the past, unlike our current government who base their predictions on a man-made weather model. You know, those same models that completely botched Hurricane Dorian’s path? Yeah, those failed models that have had millions of taxpayer dollars invested in them.

In this 3-part series, during the first episode, D’Aleo and Moore are joined by Meteorologist Joe Bastardi with AccuWeather, who has made multiple appearances on national shows such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Joe Bastardi is also joined by his son, father, and colleague, who are all great minds in the world of meteorology.

Why am I sharing this? First, you need to know the truth about what is unprecedented and what is normal when it comes to extreme weather. What we are currently seeing with hurricanes and tornadoes is quite normal, yet culturally, we respond as if the world is falling apart; as if we have never experienced storms of the magnitude we see today. The news presents the storms these days as proof that man-caused climate change is occurring, but the scientists mentioned above beg to differ.

Second, beyond the unfortunate politicization of weather, it is imperative that you know what weather cycles will look like in the coming years and how to prepare your family for them. No, the world is not going to end in 12 years. However, the weather will most certainly get violent, and your lives and property may be at risk.

You can read Joe D’Aleo’s full article in the link and watch the 3-part series within the article. It’s fascinating and well worth your time to read and watch!