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NH Democrats are Trying to Mandate Climate Change “Education” in the Classroom

The majority of Democrat candidates for President have declared climate change their number one concern. Now, the New Hampshire Democrats have taken it a step further. HB1635 has been introduced, which will require the instruction of climate change in all public schools, grades pre-K through grade 12.

The curriculum will include:
Anthropogenic causes of climate change
Effects of climate change on New Hampshire
Species affected by climate change in New Hampshire
Coastal impacts of climate change
Changes in weather pattern… and much more.

The full text of the bill can read here. Let’s just hit a few points of clarification which will shed some light on this topic.

Rising sea levels

According to Judith Curry, President (co-owner) of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) and Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, rising sea levels have much less to do as a result of global warming and more to do with geological occurrences.

“With regards to sea level rise, recent U.S. national assessment reports have included a worst-case sea level rise scenario for the 21st century of 2.5 m. Extreme estimates of sea level rise rely on RCP8.5 and climate model simulations that are on average running too hot relative to the uncertainty range of ECS. The most extreme scenarios of 21st century sea level rise are based on speculative and poorly understood physical processes that are hypothesized to accelerate the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. However, recent research indicates that these processes are very unlikely to influence sea level rise in the 21st century. To date, in most of the locations that are most vulnerable to sea level rise, local sinking from geological processes and land use has dominated over sea level rise from global warming.”

In Al Gore’s documentary “Inconvenient Truth,” he predicts that by 2015, the eastern seaboard will be underwater. Guess what? Leftist elites, like Al Gore, have been buying expensive oceanfront property since his prediction was made. Why would someone buy property in an area that they have predicted will cease to exist within the next 10 years? We know why.

Increase in extreme weather

Climate extremists, or as I find more entertaining, “envirovagenlists,” with Al Gore at the helm, have touted for years that tornadoes and hurricanes would increase in both severity and quantity. But the opposite has happened. Ron Moore, NH-based storm chaser and founder of The Storm Warning, says this about extreme weather.

“The most obvious results of climate change that would be noticed by all was the increase in extreme weather. We have been told three things would happen that in turn would change the course of human history. First, snow would be a thing of the past, even in the northern snow belt regions. Such has not been the case. In fact, between 2010 and 2019 snow has been reported in every state in the nation, sometimes several times a year. We were told to expect more hurricanes in both intensity and in number; neither has happened. Instead we have a 14 year drought on intense hurricanes.

The last several years have seen a return to normal numbers but the death toll has plunged in these storms. As usual, costs have gone up because of massive inflation of property values. We were told to expect more violent, long lived tornadoes. Instead we’ve seen normal to above normal weak tornadoes due to better radar, storm chasers, and everyone having a camera in their hands. But in fact, strong and long lived tornadoes have been in a decline in recent years with few or no F5’s documented. There is no scientific evidence showing any increase in violent weather.

While media, government and some meteorologists try to point out the near-term end of the world, we sit in some of the best economic and agricultural times in human history.”

Clearly Al Gore’s prediction didn’t pan out as expected with extreme weather.

Treat it like evolution

When it comes to discussions on climate change in the class, it should be treated the same as the theory of evolution; make sure it’s being taught as a theory. Sadly, the envirovagelists have taken the climate and turned it into a religion. Now, they want it taught as such. They want students instructed on how to war against a threat that doesn’t even exist.

Moreover, they are terrorizing the young generations into believing that the world is going to end, which will affect the students’ view on increased taxes as favorable, and worse, dangerous social policy. HB 1635 is very dangerous and needs to be fought when it goes to committee.

The question is… what is the alternative? I’m glad you asked! The Storm Warning offers gear and entertaining ways of educating yourself on the topic of extreme weather, which can be found at https://www.thestormwarning.com/.

In addition, The Patriot Initiative has also held a climate forum back in April, which focused on educating the public with expert voices on the issue. The 603 Alliance also held an event a few months ago. While it may seem like there aren’t good voices out there trying to provide truth, there really are. Back up these organizations and let’s get the truth out.