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The Patriot Initiative goes to UNH- Interviews with students

Last month, Turning Point USA held an event at UNH in Durham. Charlie Kirk and Senator Rand Paul were the featured speakers. The Patriot Initiative went to get a sense of what students currently think about the culture war. Questions were asked on a few topics facing the nation, including tolerance on college campus.

The goal of these interviews was not to find controversy, as you will see on other similar street interviews from other groups and individuals. Instead, the objective was to gain a pulse as to what the students really think. Keep in mind as you watch this, we did not stop and ask questions before interviewing. What you will see are genuine responses from students. The take-away from this these interviews should provide a helpful tip as to how we can engage in conversations with college students more effectively.

We work solely through volunteer efforts, which means quality is as good as resources allow. Enjoy!

TPI interviewing students at UNH

Two weeks ago our team took a couple of hours to interview students at the University of New Hampshire, just before Turning Point USA went live at their event. We wanted to get a general pulse as to what the students on campus think about big government and a few political topics. Students were interviewed at random. You will notice many students who were liberty-minded! Enjoy!

Posted by The Patriot Initiative on Thursday, November 7, 2019