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March for life in Austin, TX

The march for life rally has been happening all over the nation over the last few weeks. Today, was Texas’ turn.

Thousands showed up to stand in solidarity with support for the unborn. Of course, the handmaids didn’t shy away from making their presence known. According to every Texan I have spoken with; Austin is the most leftist city Texas. They call Austin the “blueberry in tomato soup.” The first time I heard it, I laughed, because the imagery is so clear.

Stand Up For Children is an organization set out to end sex education in Texas schools.

However, as left as Austin is, it’s still Texas. Texans are no doubt strong in their conservatism and Christian faith. Take for example this booth; an advocacy group in favor of removing sex education from schools. There were so many young people lining up to learn more about this group and get involved, it was incredible. A woman named, Jennifer Fleck, who is running for state representative in Texas, has made this issue part of her candidacy platform.

One thing that was refreshing, was to hear the content of the prayers offered. Not just at the march for life, but other political meetings and events. They all include a mention of Jesus in their prayers, which is something that is rarely done in New Hampshire, let alone political meetings and events; at least from my experience, which is quite extensive.

Another thing that stood out to me were the number of booths at the rally. There were at least a dozen booths, most of which had a unique purpose from the others. Texas Values, the sister organization to New Hampshire’s Cornerstone Policy Research, and Austin Young Republicans, a group that I just recently became a member of! All great groups who are advancing the principles of liberty in Texas.

As I walked down the street to check on my parking meter, I could hear the roar of the crowd responding to the speaker on stage. It was amazing. Thousands marched around the city, just like they did in Washington D.C. yesterday. I was happy to attend this rally, it gave me hope and a chance to meet some incredible people; college students, parents, teachers, doctors, and political activists, all in the same fight to defend the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and marriage. As it’s commonly said, God bless Texas!