Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

MAtthew Whitaker

Extra Special – Special Counsel

If President Trump wants to send a message to Democrats about who can play hardball the best, I have one humble suggestion – have Rod Rosenstein appoint Matthew Whitaker, the DOJ employee Democrats are screaming about, claiming he is an unconstitutional replacement for Jeff Sessions – as the new Special Prosecutor/Counsel. Withdraw Whitaker as acting …

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Call Me…Whatever It Takes

What to do with “Beto” O’Rourke. He spent so much money, double his opponent, and has nothing to show for it. Texas is still Texas, and California transplants haven’t’ done much to swamp the place with the socialism and irreversible state debt they escaped for a new life on a new host. But take heart …

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Dem party does not deserve our support

Has Anyone seen Chuck Schumer?

The endless 24/7 news feed leading up to November 6, 2018, has only one person less visible than Paul Ryan and that is Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer of New York, the guy to whom our NH Senators answer. Maybe it is because his hardest supporters are suddenly rejecting him. In this case enough to …

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Some Choice.

I went to the “Gosnell” movie last week with my wife and a neighbor. Not many people were in the theater early on a Thursday evening. It was about one-quarter full. Mostly older people and a few seeming to be family members, filed in as we did. The thing that struck me about the movie …

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Annie Kuster and BellaPelosi

The Colbert Report has a Halloween surprise for viewers, one of the scariest people on the planet, Nancy Pelosi. Here is a clip of the genius of the Democrat Party – Annie Kuster’s Democrat Party, where Nancy Pelosi has counted her NH chicken before it has hatched. There is something disturbing at the gut level …

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