Ed Naile, Author at Granite Grok

Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

Out of state voters

Janice “so” Rottenberg

While perusing the list of 2020 campaign staff Senator Elizabeth Warren hired to help her satisfy her ego and, thankfully, tank Commie Bernie, I found a familiar name: Janice “So” Rottenburg. Our old pal from a “mobile domicile” in Nashua, circa 2012.

Eric “The Gas Man” Swalwell

Hi, I’m Eric Swalwell. You may have heard my “Organic Car Seat Heater” made right here in my home state of California.

Countries everywhere around the globe are having serious protests against corrupt governments and taxation without representation or jobs.

It’s a Global Tea Party! Tax Revolts Worldwide

It’s a Global Tea Party! Tax Revolts Worldwide Chile: Government raised subway fares – riots ensue. Iran: religious dictators triple the price of gas – now mullahs have riots on their bloody hands as well as a crashing economy.


Pardon Rodger Stone – Watch Mueller Sweat

Republicans will never get a fair trial in Washington, DC. The US Senator Ted Stevens case is a prime example of this. The case against Senator Stevens is exactly what is going on in DC right now.