Ed Naile, Author at Granite Grok

Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

Gordon MacDonald

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe steamrolled the Election Law Division of the NH Attorney General’s Office.  This office has been whitewashing voter fraud for twenty years I know of.  They use a series of tricks The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has been documenting since 2000.

Trump smiling

If You Want Trump Gone – Think About This

If you like the polished, professional, presentation of the Republican National Convention over the last few nights, you might be in luck. The RNC television production is what Trump TV will look like one day, after he is no longer President of the United States.

Karen Testerman For Governor

Personal Endorsement: Karen Testerman for Governor

Chalk me up as supporting Karen Testerman for Governor. Seems like I have known her forever. Lots of people run for office. I meet them every election cycle. Some are for real many just show up out of nowhere and ask for your support.

WMUR News 9

New Hampshire Channel Neun!

What is this I hear? Channel 9 is going to televise the NH’s Democrat Socialist’s gubernatorial debate on their little station but no Republican gubernatorial debate.

comrade volinsky

If Andru Volinsky wants to Cut Property Taxes, He Should Become a School Superintendent

Andru Volinsky, a candidate for governor of New Hampshire, has a problem understanding how property taxes are paid in the Granite State. He has lived here long enough to know that property taxes are paid at the local level and we have had, for several hundred years, Town Meetings where annual budgets are voted on …

If Andru Volinsky wants to Cut Property Taxes, He Should Become a School Superintendent Read More »


Public school graduates – How Do You Spell GRADUATION?

Some recent NH public school students have posted “I Did It!” signs in their yards congratulating themselves for graduating high school. That is fine. Since we are supporting NH public education with this new, fashionable, public announcement, I have another suggestion. See if you think this is a good idea.


Contagion Theater and Concord’s Cast of Typhoid Mary’s

After ruining Concord’s downtown with expert help, the city is ignoring, from my humble observation, a potential health crisis. Go to WallyWorld or Market Basket and you will see employees wiping down handles on freezers and other objects touched by shoppers.