Ed Naile, Author at Granite Grok

Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

Light buble filament original Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash

Israel Leads the Way in Renewable Energy!

As the Biden Administration cuts American energy companies throats so there will be no alternative but renewables in the near future, we can look to Israel for a view of our Ecoluddite utopian future.

Sun King Sununu

I was Just Think’n

I am no political expert but didn’t RINO Sununu have 9 people of the type of activists who won huge victories all over the country for Republicans yesterday ARRESTED for saying the Pledge of Allegiance too loud at an executive Council meeting?

436 Walnut St Manchester

Remember, This Non-Domiciled Campaign Worker Voted in NH Twice

In November 2020, Rich Girard turned into the NH AG’s Office three vote thieves he and I caught in Manchester. These were three out-of-state campaign workers staying on Walnut St. with a short-term lease suited for the campaign they were working on.

Sen Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen’s Hot Take on Afghanistan

Here is a hot take on the events in Afghanistan from Jeanne Shaheen – It’s a Women’s Rights issue. I’m not kidding. Here is her most recent statement. It includes this politically correct BS: