Ed Naile, Author at Granite Grok

Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).


The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill

The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill to Cost US Taxpayers $13,260 Each. Of course, with all things Washington DC, that is not bad enough. Unspent billions sit unused. Like uninvestigated ballots in the NH AG’s Election Eunuchs office in Concord.


House Election Committee Seems Ambivalent About Voter Fraud

A one-sentence bill to make our Statewide Voter Database Public (HB551) met with little enthusiasm during the zoom meeting on February 12th. My guess is they are not worried about the poor overburdened AG’s Office Elections Unit. You know, the public servants who will never test the failed Dominion AccuVote OS machines for tampering.

NH Seal Mud Splat

Don’t Like Dirty Elections in NH? – I Need Your Help to Help You

Don’t like dirty elections in NH? Well, here is a way to clean them up. I call it – Transparency. Right here in front of you is an opportunity to shine a light on the out-of-state voters and out-of-date voter checklists in New Hampshire and bring us back the clean elections we enjoyed so many …

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Where Did Our Three “New” Manchester New Hampshire Voters Go?

How about that voter fraud nest at 436 Walnut St. Manchester? The second-floor apartment rented from February 2020 through November 2020? Three cars, two with Massachusetts plates and one from New York, were parked outside most of that time. The three young ladies staying there were working on NH political campaigns.


Let’s Go Back to Punch-Cards and Butterfly Ballots

I was going to do an article about electronic voting machines and who owns or uses what. I gave up, but here are my notes. They create a timeline of the ownership, development, buy-outs, and the communist and socialist countries involved make it hard to comprehend.