1949 When Americans Knew Something About Divisive Political Doctrines - Granite Grok

1949 When Americans Knew Something About Divisive Political Doctrines

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CHAPTER 191 – TEACHERS’ LOYALTY – Section 191:1

191:1 Advocacy of Subversive Doctrines Prohibited. – No teacher shall advocate communism as a political doctrine or any other doctrine which includes the overthrow by force of the government of the United States or of this state in any public or state approved school or in any state institution.

Source. 1949, 312:1, eff. July 28, 1949.


Here we are in 2021 with dangerously educated academic lemmings who hold questionable degrees in education. They infect our government schools and are more than willing to force Marxist Critical Race Theory down the throats of children trapped in their taxpayer-funded seats.

Hundreds of millions of humans executed by violence or starvation in the pursuit of the ultimate communist dream of the perfect man – a slave.

And the fools will not admit communism is a failed ideology. They cravenly march “forward” by attempting to drive it onto the innocent heads of children.

Children, the last audience that has not been infected with the disease of communism.

No wonder so many parents are stepping up to the plate and attending school board meetings to stop this nightmare.

The outrage is organic and nationwide.

Keep an eye on your school.