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Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

Cod fish fishing

Something is Fishy

Before Modern Man began polluting the pristine waters of Norway, some heavy metal contamination was 22% higher than today?


Back to School Budgets in the Age of Wuhan Flus

If the threat of the Chinese Wuhan Virus is to be taken seriously enough that government schools had to be closed for the rest of the year it might be time to re-think public education operating out of huge child and administrator warehouses.

Out of state voters

Janice “so” Rottenberg

While perusing the list of 2020 campaign staff Senator Elizabeth Warren hired to help her satisfy her ego and, thankfully, tank Commie Bernie, I found a familiar name: Janice “So” Rottenburg. Our old pal from a “mobile domicile” in Nashua, circa 2012.