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Israel Leads the Way in Renewable Energy!

Light buble filament original Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash

As the Biden Administration cuts American energy companies throats so there will be no alternative but renewables in the near future, we can look to Israel for a view of our Ecoluddite utopian future.

Here is a revealing quote from an energy expert in that small, warm climate, country:


“Chen Herzog, chief economist at BDO Israel, sounded more decisive and told the conference that “it is not feasible to meet the government’s goal of 20% renewable energies by 2025,” and that “so we don’t have excuses in 2030, there need to be goals that can be met, rather than utopian ones.”


Israel can’t meet a simple government set 20% goal?

I’m sure the Biden, Shaheen, Hassen, Kuster, Pappas – energy experts have a much better plan for spending trillions of taxpayers and printing machine dollars here in a vast country.

Democrat thought leader Xi Jinping must be very happy. Watching the eventually energy-free, not carbon-free, “free” world destroy their economies like lemmings headed for an easily avoidable utopian cliff… as China builds more coal plants, lots more!


“Commenting on China’s coal boom, Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), said: “Dozens of new coal power projects, equal to the total coal power capacity of Germany and Poland combined, were announced last year in China.”


Has reality ever stopped Democrats from taking bold action on stupid endeavors?

Does New Hampshire’s liberal Democrat lapdog delegation in DC always have to go along with Schumer, Pelosi, and with the CCP agenda?