NH ACLU: A School “Walkout” is NOT Protected Speech

I wonder where this handy bit of information was when the Marxist Women’s March folks were pouring outside money into their national campaign to waste taxpayer dollars. It says that School Walk Outs are NOT protected by the first amendment. However, a school walkout is not considered the same type of speech as wearing a …

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Yet another Teacher makes it known that kids don’t belong to their parents.

The US Left now believes that children belong to the community and not to their parents (the latest really public outburst was by Progressive Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC that I posted here).  A while ago now, I was up in Moultonborough during a School Board meeting and there I saw a first hand account …

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Developing….Political Bias in Merrimack High School…Evolves

It may be too soon to tell for sure, but Monday was the day by which I wanted to hear about (or see) some changes in the way certain Merrimack High School teachers were favoring President Obama in class…and I have. Not everyone has reported back yet but everything points to an effort at demonstrating …

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Well, it looks like Teachers Unions are starting to lose more and more….

First in Wisconsin and now in Colorado.  In a post at Townhall: The Douglas County School District, a suburban community south of Denver, Colorado, has decided to part ways with their teachers’ union in the absence of progress on a new contract which expired June 30th, 2012. “The Board of Education finds and declares that …

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Teachers Get Help From Republicans

A bill (HB 375) is being debated in New Hampshire that, if passed, would protect teachers from civil or criminal penalties when they use physical force in the classroom. The bill is designed to protect teachers who feel helpless against aggressive students because they are afraid of being sued by parents.

The Real Reason For Raising The Drop Out Age To 18?

I can tell you from long discussions about the various pathways to “graduation” that the goal is more geared toward getting kids through school on paper to make the numbers look good. Any reasonable path to that end is considered a win, but by any traditional standard it is anything but a public school success story.

Don’t Say There Is No Place To Cut.

Privatize the public school system and shift the educators, staff, maintenance, and transportation and facility costs off the books, along with converting public benefits and pensions into the same kind of programs the rest of the private markets have, and you would see property tax rates plummet.

A Modest (Budget Cutting) Proposal

The Unions are always in a “partnership” with the town and the residents when it comes to increasing labor and administrative costs but seem to avoid bearing any of that burden when the economy reduces the values of residents homes, eliminates taxpayer jobs, or cuts their wages. These things make it harder for them to meet current or rising town budgets bloated by unions and things like Evergreen laws, which give Labor groups no incentive to bargain at all.

Lube Job Redux

It’s been fun to watch the Soap Opera unfold after AIDS Services got caught up in a kerfuffle over ‘sex kits’ distributed at Monadnock High School. Everyone went into CYA mode as what seemed like a perfectly normal activity for progreeive thinkers, hiding behind the AIDS quilt to advocate irresponsible underage sex, met the reality of public outrage.