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Comedy Bang Bang

by Ed Naile January 13, 2016

As with every election circus/cycle here in the “First in the Nation Presidential Primary” we have an assorted array of publicity seekers – some are the actual candidates themselves. Here we go with a pair of “comedians” who wandered on stage at a Ted Cruz event in Hudson. The Concord paper reported some of the […]

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Twitter – Allie Morris at the Concord Monitor @amorrisNH

by Skip April 17, 2015

Welcome to the ‘Grok, Allie Morris at the Concord Monitor  @amorrisNH.  Another representative of the old MSM following the New Media.  I guess somebody thinks that we are of some import after all!

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Concord Monitor drops their curtain: whose money is it really?

by Skip April 16, 2015

Yes, yesterday was Tax Day – the day that Progressives celebrate as the epitome of their philosophy of “it’s ours, stupid” (and give thanks to its sub-holiday, the  Current Tax Payment Act of 1943 which allowed the Feds to automatically take your money).  Your money?  The Feds’ money?  So, the Concord Monitor; where do YOU think it stands […]

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Hassan Stiffs Concord Monitor And They Don’t Like It

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2015
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Welcome to the Real World. This famous cinematic quote suits the moment as the Concord Monitor, the pragmatic-socialist New Hampshire “paper-of-record,” finds itself on the receiving end of progressive-bureaucrat obfuscation. In the movie, Morpheus has pulled the wool of the Matrix from Neo’s eyes.  The modern world as he knows it does not exist.  In […]

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The Concord Monitor Editorial board has a distorted sense of “freedom”

by Skip February 19, 2015

Gosh, I can start this post just like I ended the last one (w/one small change): Remember, with Democrats Progressives  it is NEVER the actual purpose of Government (“…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments […]

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Bishop Asks Queen to Take From Pawns

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2015
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Bishop Peter A. Libasci, Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire took to the pages of the Concord Monitor yesterday to appeal to Governor Hassan and the NH State legislatures “better nature” on the matter of the budget.   The opening paragraph frames the context.  It is again time for a new state budget.  How will […]

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If He Were A Priest Or A Republican

by Steve MacDonald December 26, 2014
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Thirty-six days ago we began a series of reports about a guy from Oregon named Terry Bean.  Mr. Bean is accused of sexually assaulting at least one minor.  Sadly, this is not a common story (public school teachers are accused of it all the time), but in this instance the “someone” arrested and accused sits […]

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Republican for Shaheen? Seriously?

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2014
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Concord Attorney R. James Steiner, a self-proclaimed life-long Republican, has a letter in the Concord Monitor in which he declares his electoral love for Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. He considers her  bi-partisan, and does not think it a good idea to change leadership midstream.  He plans to vote for her in November.  He’s a Republican for […]

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Gun Nuts

by Ed Naile June 16, 2014

The Washington Post, cranking up its 2014 free political donation to liberal candidates, has assembled some simple talking points about gun confiscation for the small liberal papers to promote. The Concord paper, dutifully, has done so. Here it is for what it is worth: Here is the “easy for the low information voter to remember” […]

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NoBrown / Second Amendment Rally: So, Mitch Kopacz, the Concord Monitor is privileged?

by Skip May 21, 2014
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So  Mitch Kopacz, President of Gun Owners of NH, what’s the deal?  You REALLY think that “Pravda on the Merrimack” (aka, the outpost of the liberal MSM called the Concord Monitor) is as supportive of the Second Amendment as GraniteGrok is?  And THEY, the reporter and photographer, were then allowed to breeze past the hotel manager […]

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If The legislature Added Ten Cents To The Price Of The Concord Monitor – Would That Be A Tax?

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2014
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Part of the dumbing down, or is it just the reprogramming of Americans, seems to be convincing them that just because your government makes you pay more for something that this is not a tax. It is a tax. When the state uses force (threat or risk of punishment for refusing to collect or pay […]

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Where Is The League of Liberal Women Voters and NH ACLU?

by Ed Naile March 11, 2014

The paper in Concord claims to have found some disenfranchised voters! Ah, but as usual with NH election laws, the print media, and voting, the facts are not facts. One couple living in a seasonal campground has complained to a reporter about the Town of Henniker not letting them vote. They complain about an attempt […]

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LTE – Medicaid Expansion is Not Free

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2014
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“Letter to the editor” – Concord Monitor The Monitor has recently published several letters and written a couple of editorials supporting Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. Every one of these pieces has implied that expanding Medicaid is “free” because the federal government is paying for it. I don’t know if in our race to become […]

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by Susan Olsen June 4, 2013

From today’s Concord Fish Wrap:  

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At least I use my real name….

by Susan Olsen March 15, 2013

All of us who blog at GraniteGrok expect comments on the things we write, hoping to engage folks in thinking, in discussion, in exchanging ideas.  There is only one rule at GG and that is whatever we write – and whatever commenters post – must be family friendly.  That means, if your children – or […]

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Anti-Hunting Sentiments Are Alive And Well In The Granite State

by Rick Olson December 6, 2012

“Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” —Genesis 1:26 (NIV) Yet another anti-hunting hit piece. The […]

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All we heard from the Dems was caterwauling about “Settled Law!” Consistency is not their strong suit

by Skip November 10, 2012

All we heard from these clowns the last two years was things like don’t you DARE touch the gay marriage law – the Legislature already “settled” the issue.  How DARE you Republicans even consider revisiting that law! They adopted the mantra that once done, always done when it comes to the law.  Sure, the body […]

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Crybaby Concord Monitor Whines

by Rick Olson July 7, 2012

“Let the other guys do the crybaby stuff…Go for the laughs.” —Rip Torn Yesterday Morning, two Concord Monitor Reporters, Ann Marie Yimmons and Matt Spolar, were excluded (Barred – their word, not mine) from a press conference held by House Speaker Bill O’Brien. The topic “de jour” was a discussion of  reforms to the ebt system […]

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The Corruption of the Concord Monitor

by Tim Condon June 19, 2012

Or, “Why the Mainstream Media Sucks.” Right here in New Hampshire!

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Anonymous Allegations?

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2012

Over at the Concord Monitor web site, someone going by the name of ItsaRepublic, has been doing some very heavy lifting for GraniteGrok.  They have gone to bat for us on our investigation of Public Employees who have been using the Monitor’s web site, during office hours, at taxpayer expense.  Not exactly a friendly environment […]

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Concord Monitor Takes a Stand – When It’s A Republican

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2012

We’ve been reporting the theft of services by an SEIU Union Chapter VP and NH DES employee Richard de Seve for months as we struggle with the Department of Environmental Services and the State’s IT department, and their resistance to part with data, in response to our Right to Know Requests about state employees using […]

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Second Amendment humor, courtesy of the Concord Monitor!

by Tim Condon May 10, 2012

This is so funny!  What appears below is a column from today’s New Hampshire government-newspaper, the Concord Monitor. I glanced at the top of the top of the column and though “Hey, great! My friend—the excellent Rep. JR Hoell—has written an interesting piece about 2nd Amendment concealed carry for everyone!” So I happily read the […]

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Concord Monitor says more food stamps needed, assumes Obama re-election

by Don April 30, 2012

If President Obama is re-elected, as the April 25, 2012 Concord Monitor editorial “Cutting food stamps to feed the rich” apparently assumes, then it is right, the Ryan budget won’t provide all the food stamps, unemployment, and other assistance that will be needed. The Concord Monitor goes on to pooh pooh the idea of “Cadillac […]

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Concord Monitor Wont Cover it, But They’ll help Cover It up.

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2012

There is Free Press and then there is Free Speech.  And then there is The Concord Monitor.  The Concord Monitor would like you to believe that it is a defender of both Free Press and Free Speech.   But if that were true, they would not be deleting comments that include links to posts at GraniteGrok.  […]

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Media Irresponsibility

by Don April 15, 2012

The editorial in Friday’s The Citizen, reprinted from the Concord Monitor was totally irresponsible.  So, I submitted the following as community commentary to The Citizen, and something similar to the Concord Monitor.  I doubt they will publish my input: +++++++++++++ Please check the attribution of The Citizen’s April 13, 2012 editorial, titled, “A budget to […]

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Spec Bowers – Silly Editorial About O’Brien

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2012

(Excellent editorial by State Rep Spec Bowers to the Concord Monitor. Copied from Spec’s Facebook page) Spec Bowers Op Ed;  Silly Editorial About O’Brien The Monitor’s April 5 editorial about House Speaker Bill O’Brien is one of the sillier ones of the last year and a half. It reminds me of the old legal adage, […]

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Richard de Seve – gee, there’s more! Student reviews…..and he’s a Truther???

by Skip April 2, 2012

OK, given how much GraniteGrok has been blogging about Richard de Seve and his political activities on the taxpayer dime, it was finally logical to Google him and see “have we been able to get our investigation out there?”.  The answer is yes: the two highest rated search items are about his LinkIn profile – […]

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Another NH State Employee Wasting Your Time And Money?

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2012

Have you been following the tragic tale? It’s a dog bites man story.  State agency appears to have an IT policy it can’t or wont enforce, the result of which is that people who blog for a hobby are the only ones with any hope of keeping public employees from wasting your time and tax […]

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Isn’t it Time We Enforced the State’s IT Policies

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2012

Democrats like to manage society, ever more so when they believe it has misbehaved.  So here’s an idea the left ought to embrace with both left arms. Because it is against state policy to use state computers for activities outside their intranet, like reading online news or–heaven forbid whiling the day away commenting on news […]

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So, what does the State of NH say about “Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time?”

by Skip March 6, 2012

A follow on to Steve’s post: “Is A NH Public Employee Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time?” Well, let’s start with the easy stuff.  First, many companies of “size” have strict regulations about what employees can and cannot do with computer equipment – and Internet access using that equipment. After […]

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