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Concord Monitor Fake-Reporter Stands With NHPR Fake-Reporter


I awarded McDimwit third place in my 2017 #FakeNews awards:

THIRD PLACE:  Casey McDermott for her article on December 5th titled, Women Lobbyists, Legislators Describe Coping with Harassment at N.H. State House.  The article detailed horrifying examples of sexual harassment at the New Hampshire State House such as -brace yourself- a lobbyist being asked out on a date:

AndSaunders Paquette said one of her female staffers had recently been invited by a male lawmaker to move their policy discussion away from a professional setting and toward dinner or drinks instead.

Even worse -I know it’s hard to believe- other lobbyists had to endure:

lawmaker staring at them as though he was “undressing [them] with his eyes.”

McDermott’s crack investigative work also exposed an entire “culture of misogyny” at the State House.  Her lead example is that “of the 24 standing committees in the New Hampshire House, 19 are led by men.”  Apparently, McDermott is unaware that the Speaker chooses the Chairs of committees.  So to the extent that having 19 of 24 committees led by men proves a hatred or contempt for women –as opposed to political payback or numerous other non-misogynistic criteria for appointing Chairs– it is the Speaker who is the misogynist.

The bottom line is that McDermott could not come up with a single example of what an objective person would consider sexual harassment or misogyny at the State House, yet wrote an article based on the premise that harassment and misogyny are commonplace at the State House anyway.

McDimwit’s article appears intended to validate and expand upon an op-ed by Representative Debra Asshat (Altschiller) about a “rape culture” at the State House. I previously posted about that too, and I’ll re-post some of it here:

According to Democrat State Representative, Debra Altschiller, “… rape culture is pervasive at the State House.”  She defines “rape culture” as “a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.”  Altschiller claims to “have witnessed this on a weekly basis in Concord.”

Altschiller then provides what she calls “just a few examples.”  These “examples,” even if representative, fall far , far short of demonstrating a “pervasive” “rape culture” that manifests itself  “on a weekly basis.”  Indeed, given that these examples are presumably the most egregious, it is fair to say that  Altschiller’s next op-ed should be a retraction and an apology. …

The next example is that another Representative on the Criminal Justice Committee objected to amending the law to prohibit using lack of knowledge of age as a defense to a charge of prostitution involving a minor.  Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense, except for some exceptions that are a felony such as when a minor is involved.

I would have voted for the bill because I think it would have the effect of discouraging the use of children as prostitutes and because I do not think that it would result in convicting people with no intent to commit a criminal act.  Rather, I think the state of mind requirement of proving that the john is knowingly engaging in prostitution is sufficient.

But it is illogical to conclude, as Altschiller is implying, that because someone believes that the john should be able to use the defense “but I didn’t know she/he was only 14 officer because they looked 18 to me”  to avoid a felony that someone condones or is even indifferent to child-prostitution.

What Altschiller really means by a “pervasive” “rape culture” is not what by an objective standard is “normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.”  Rather, what she really means is that if you do not agree with her … you are part of th[e] rape culture.

Review McDimwit’s twitter timeline and you will see example after example after example of the Left’s propaganda continuing to be portrayed as hard news, of McDimwit applying different standards to Democrats and Republicans, and of McDimwit ignoring news that hurts Democrats while pushing news that hurts Republicans.

Jonathan Van Fleet doth protest too much.