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Poll Question: Who in NH Media Will Cover the Hunter Biden Laptop Story?

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A quick troll of our so-called media gatekeepers in NH produced zero results for the biggest story no Democrat wants you to read. The Emails alledging Hunter Biden sold access to then-Vice President Biden, and Joe knew about it.

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I’ve written two articles on it since yesterday when the story broke. This makes three. But the major media in a market overshadowed by Boston can’t find the column inches or electron to pen a word about it.

As I noted here, if this were Don Jr., we’d be hard-pressed to find a soul on heart who did not know. That’s just the field upon which we are forced to play. So, let’s play.

Who among these so-called watchdogs of the State will step up to the plate and cover the scandal without using the opportunity to run cover for Joe Biden or use it to feed the years-long narrative of foreign interference?

Note: we expect NH Journal, LibertyBlock, Boston Broadside, and (of course) ‘Grok to write stories. This poll is about the other media, some of whom are not listed (MLT, Conway/Berlin Sun, local rags).

Note 2: If you find a story, please email us a link.

The poll begins at 9 am ET today and runs until 10/16/20 at midnight. Multiple answers are permitted. As always, add additional thoughts or remarks in comments.

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Poll Question: Who in "NH Media" Will Cover the Hunter Biden Laptop Story?
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