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Organization Estimates $1.03 Billion Needed to Protect NH from Sea Level Rise

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The Concord Monitor has this throw-away bit via their GraniteGeek feature titled, “Sea level rise cost to NH: A billion bucks, more or less.” It’s 196 words, and none of them are overly interested in the true source of that estimate, or reality. 

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First, short story shorter; this ‘climate action organization‘ estimates the cost of a seawall (their if we do nothing solution) along the Granite State’s short coast will cost $1.03 billion. Why would New Hampshire need one of those? To “protect itself from “moderate” sea-level rise by 2040.” 

Because “Sea-level rise has long been a poster child for obvious effects from climate change because you can’t blame it on anything else.” Yes, you can, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The Money Behind the Fraud

The Group, which gets named in the last sentence of the short piece, is the Center for Climate Integrity. We get a link to their report which takes us to ‘climate Costs’ Bring your waders. It’s deeper than the fake sea-level rise we’re told the government can prevent because Government can do anything if it robs you of enough money.

The Center for Climate Integrity is a project of The Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development. If you’ve missed class that day, we’re talking about socialism. UN One World globalism stuff. Redistribution or Western exceptionalism. Milking America.

The Climate Cult’s primary goal is the same. The problem, of course, is that Sea-level rise can be “blamed” on a wide range of things other than,

The alarmingly faster-than-expected melting of the Greenland ice cap – stuff we thought would happen in five decades is happening now – is making it more important to figure out how to deal with all this extra seawater.

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute, Greenland’s Ice Sheet is growing, not melting. Over the 2017-2018 season, growth exceeded the mean, while melting was significantly less than the 30-year average.

DMI Greenland Ice 2018

And not for nothing but there’s nothing at all unusual about ice growing and melting. It happens every year. Sometimes we have above average growth followed by above-average melt. It’s not new nor unique to any particular era. And throughout all of it, the tide gauges have told us the same story. New England is experiencing a steady 2.3 mm per year rise in sea level.

Alarmists reports by well-funded left-wing special interests will not change that.

If it Matters…

On Jun 1st, 2019, the first day of meteorological summer, the high temperature at the Greenland Summit Station Webcam was -17 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, June 21st, it’s -12 C, or 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to NASA, the Jakobshavn Glacier is growing, which has more to do with the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) entering a 20-year cold phase. A natural change which will result in more sea and land ice in the Arctic circle while it lasts.

None of which will have any impact on sea level rise unless we end up with enough ice during our upcoming solar minimum to create enough ice-age equivalent weight in Canada to teeter the land mass. An effect that would stop or reverse the 2.3 mm a year post ice age coastal settling that accounts for what we see as sea level rise.

These geologic mechanics evoke the pattern of left-wing special interests and their water-carriers manufacturing alarmist narratives whose goal is to convince you to let the government seize control of all energy and how you use it.

This is the same goal of the globalist and sustainable community folks (socialists) like the ones writing reports at the Center for Climate Integrity.