Granite Grok’s TOP 20 Posts for 2016


This is the fifth year I’ve done the Top 20 most Commented posts and I’m happy to report two new names in the top five. Scott Morales and Ed Naile bent the most commenters ears in 2016, with Skip and myself taking slots four and five and Kimberly Morin breaks into the list at number 14.

The Top 5 from this year’s crop are all in the top 20 most commented-upon posts ever here at GraniteGrok. The next 9 (6 through 14) are in the top 40 all time. The rest fall into the top 60. That is with nearly 26,500 published posts on this site.

20  This will torque Bruce Currie off: “Increased atmospheric Carbon Dioxide has increased U.S. forest health in recent decades”


“United States forest health has improved over recent decades and is not likely to be impaired in at least the next few decades.”


19  Democrats refuse to acknowledge the 2nd largest Islamic Terrorist Act in U.S.

Yesterday the 2nd largest Islamic Terror attack took place on American soil. Omar Mateen, who called 911 and pledge his allegiance to ISIS before killing more innocent Americans, committed the biggest act of Islamic terror in the United States since 9/11.


18  Another Casualty in the Global Warming Mythology Pantheon


According to data not yet manipulated at NOAA, the US is on track to have the fewest tornadoes in a single year since they started keeping records.


17  Obama Lies, Now Let us See Who Believes Him

White House1/5/2016

This is an enormous lie, but I expect that from Obama. What I’m more interested in seeing is who in New Hampshire repeats it and who does not, knowing they can be easily shown as a fool and a liar to boot.


16  Report: Obama’s Ring Has The First Part of the Shahada Inscribed On It.


Obama has been wearing the same ring for thirty years, as a single man, and then as his wedding ring. According to this report, it is inscribed with the first part of the Islamic Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.”


15  Schadenfreudalicious: Taste the Post Election Freakout

staff stares at trump-white-house11/11/2016

What glorious, wonderful, euphoria enriched days these last few have been. Sample just a few of the delightful bits swooning around the internet.


14  The ‘Free the Nipple’ Freedom Farce


You’ve probably heard of the ‘Free the Nipple’ group of women in New Hampshire who are defying local ordinances and showing up at beaches around the state topless to garner attention for their ‘cause.’


13  Why NH Should Vote for Ted Cruz and not Donald Trump

Ted Cruz2/7/2016

Ted Cruz knows that you are the best hope for saving America. But to do that you need a president willing to get the government out of the way so that you can.



12  Another Global Warming Polar Expedition Gets Stuck in Sea Ice That Shouldn’t Be There


In 2014 Climate Cult Kool Aid Drinking yuppie tourists were going to make a point about global warming because “No Polar ice, dude.” They got stuck in the ice that was always there but that they’d been told was gone and had to be rescued. It just happened again.


11  Another Leftist Moron believes has a claim on others because HUMAN RIGHT!
Grok Logo3/22/2016

A classic case of two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for supper.  Sheesh, it just gets more and more impossible to believe that our educational system is functional at all.


10  Steve Kenda Responds to Chris Sununu’s Vote to Pay Tribute to Planned Parenthood

This past week Republican Executive Councilor Chris Sununu’s voted to sacrifice over half a million dollars in taxpayer tribute to appease the ‘angry gods’ of Planned Parenthood Norther New England.


9  10 Questions from Christopher Monckton for the Purveyors of Climate Doom

Was AL gore near South Dakota2/9/2016

In an article titled “The profiteers of Doom Were Wrong About Climate,” Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, Willie Soon & David R. Legates, have ten questions for the climatologists of doom. Awkward questions, like…


8  Jorge Mesa-Tejada vs Hampstead big spenders (aka “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!”) – Part 3


So, when Jorge Mesa-Tejada, Chair of the Hampstead Budget Committee, decided to mock the SAU 55 infomercial (we are trying to track that down – betcha the Earl of Metzler has yanked it), the Hampstead sycophant School Board under the royal decree of the Earl of Metzler…


7  The Point is Not That Transgenders Might be Predatory


The point is not that transgenders might be sexual predators, it is that sexual predators WILL claim to be transgender.



6   New Hampshire Joins Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program 


The real issue for Democrats in New Hampshire is that the crosscheck program WILL disproportionately identify non-residents with permanent domiciles in other states (or countries) using Democrat legislators (or even assistant NH AG) homes to steal votes in a swing state like New Hampshire.


5  Once again, we see the MSM getting it wrong

Oh No Guns....and magazines...and ammo

Skip Murphy – 6/14/2016

All we’ve heard from the MSM (and most of them wouldn’t know which end to point down range) is AR-15! AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!AR-15!


4  NH Trump Delegate is Pissed – And He Should Be.

Steve MacDonald – 5/2/2016

Simply put, the NHGOP is trying to screw Trump delegates and they should be pissed.



3  Corey Lewandowski

Ed Naile – 4/1/2016

I have known Corey Lewandowski for about twelve years or more. In that time I have never known him to be a person who would viciously attack anyone, let alone some female reporter in a public forum.


2  Kevin M. Beck, Trolling Without Mom

Ed Naile – 2/17/2016

When an over-educated 46-year-old is used to having his mother defend him while he fights his imaginary fights, things can go haywire when she stops. This exposes that “almost adult” to some very difficult challenges in life.


1  The Left Doesn’t Care About Race

Scott Morales – 2/6/216
Despite the preening sanctimonious chest-thumping and general clamoring on about how the Progressives, Left, and Democrats are all for inclusive diversity (as they see it, I.e. diversity of race, gender, sexuality etc)…


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