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How Does This Democrat Vote Fraud Grab You?

We’re breaking significant vote fraud news today, and it starts with Caitlin Ann Legacki.

NIf you thnk lrtting proplr from out of state Vote in NH if OK youre Gonna have a bad timeew Hampshire Democrats know who Caitlin A. Legacki is.  She worked for Jeanne Shahenn’s 2008 Senate campaign.  She even voted from New Hampshire in 2008.  But Caitlin isn’t from New Hampshire.  She is a significant player in Democrat campaigns and politics, just like all the other transient voters who drift in, steal your votes, and then leave.

Caitlin is from Alaska, where her activism started in 2004.  She went to UNC, worked for John Edwards in Iowa circa 2007, for Jeanne Shaheen in 2008, was a paid congressional staffer for Congressman Burce Braley in Iowa (where she violated House Rules by campaigning for the congressman while on his staff), worked for Kay Hagan in NC, and most recently for Clair McCaskill in Missouri in the 2012 cycle and is currently in the employ of  the OFA catch drain called Precision Strategies with the infamous Stephanie Cutter.

So what about that big vote fraud news I mentioned in the title? Hold on to you ballot stuffing Transient Democrat Obama Voters, it’s a big one.

When Legacki registered to vote in the Granite State back in 2008, she registered from the same apartment from which a number of other Democrat campaign operatives have and are still registered, some of whom work for Hilltop Public Solutions–the dirty campaign Dark money creeps.   This is not surprising as we have money connections between Hilltop and the Shaheen campaign going back to 2008 so Legacki’s ‘presence’ there, even just for voting purposes, seems appropriate.

Well Caitlin Ann Legacki  (who is probably registered in any number of other states AK/IA/NH/NC/MO)  has been continuously registered from 1200 Elm St Unit 402 Manchester NH 03101 since at least 2008, even though there is no record of her coming back to the state in six years….

Sorry.  That’s not entirely correct.  There is a ‘record.’

Cailtin Ann Legacki “voted” in New Hampshire on November 6th 2012, in person if the records are to be believed, from 1200 Elm St Unit 402 Manchester NH 03101, the address she has been registered from since she worked for Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

What makes this of particular interest to us, what should make it of interest to every actual taxpaying resident in New Hampshire, including those who work at the NH AG’s office and with Bill Gardner at the Secretary of State’s office, is that while this professional Democrat campaign flack and transient vote stealer was voting “in person” in Manchester NH on November 6th 2012, she was simultaneously in Missouri on November 6th 2012, and we have video to prove it.

This was shot by Missouri Net News, which bills itself as “a statewide news organization, feeding news throughout Missouri and into our surrounding states via our affiliate stations. We are also broadcasting online at”

In the video we see Caitlin, in Missouri, on November 6th, talking about getting canvassers our and making sure that everyone who is in line to vote (for McCaskill–in Missouri) gets to vote.

Don’t waste time deleting it, we have copies, screen caps, saved web pages, the whole deal.  There’s no escaping this, or the complications it creates.

This particular event should make suspect ever ballot cast by every transient Democrat campaigner who came here (or comes here), whether cast “in person” or by absentee, of which there are many already exposed and many more to come.  Every Democrat operative we have exposed so far, adult children from out of state, nieces of the vice-president, lawyers from Arkansas, residents of Massachusetts, all of them Democrats who have claimed a presence in New Hampshire for voting purposes, registered to vote from some Democrat’s home or an aprtment or campaigner ‘nest’ like 1200 Elm Street Manchester or even the home of the vice-chair of the state Democrat party Martha Fuller-Clark(who is quite clearly in on the fraud),  and been given a pass by the AG and SoS—are now suspect; even if Caitlin Legacki can explain how she was in Missouri on the night of November 6th 2012 and still cast a vote “in person”while registered from 1200 Elm St Unit 402  Manchester NH 03101.

If she didn’t vote, someone voted for her, one of the many things we have warned these transient campaign workers, college students, election-day-trippers from Massachusetts, who are told it is OK to register and vote in NH, even if they live or are registered elsewhere.  It’s no OK.

And yes NH Democrats,  there are a lot of holes in our electoral law and no one should trust the results of any election until they are repaired.

And while were breaking eggs to make this omelet, here’s another juicy fact you might be interested in.  All of these vote stealers gave their date of birth as January 1st.  The years are different but the day is the same.   So we not only know these are not their actual birth dates, and yes–we know, and we know they committed fraud to make it harder for people like us to track down their voting records in other states, we can now accuse them of committing fraud and lying to election officials as well as make the case that Democrats are probably guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud here in New Hampshire, if not in other states as well.

Don’t thank us yet, we’re not done.

By the way – Caitlin just responded to a tweet from Rich Girard and said she hasn’t voter here since 2008, which only makes our case even stronger.  It means two things.  She voted in Missouri and some Democrat voted for her in New Hampshire, from a known nest of out of state voters here to stuff ballot boxes…


The WordPress Twitter ap is flaky, here’s the link to the tweet if you can’t see it here.


Check out Girard at Large with guest Ed Naile for more on the voter-fruad nest from which someone else (apparently) voted as ‘Caitlin A. Legacki’