The Granite Grok TOP Twenty for 2015

GG Top 20 for 2015Another year of blogging and another year of comments, so it must be time for the annual top 20 most commented-upon posts.

As a reminder this list is based entirely on comments as of Dec 27th at 11 am EST.  It is not a top 20 of best posts for content, reporting, influence, or style (decisions we would never assume to make for you), just those that inspired the most on-line debate. (Posts with an identical number of comments are posted as they appear when sorted by WordPress for this list.)

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The Granite Grok TOP Twenty for 2015

#20 Throw Like Ombarassment
Author: Scott Morales – 24 Comments

“Given my experience with girls softball, no longer does “You throw like a girl” make sense.  However, “You throw like Obama” conveys the same meaning.”



#19 This is why the Church should stay out of the Global Climate Change debate
Author: Kim Gilbert – 24 Comments

“So why does the (Catholic) Church wade so deeply into this fraught pool, and in so contradictory of a fashion?”



#18 Breaking: US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) votes to fund Obama’s unConstitutional Executive Amnesty
Author: Skip Murphy – 25 Comments

“Go ahead, I DARE you to now tell me the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in voting to fully fund the parts of DHS that Obama will use to work his (own words) illegal Executive Amnesty.”



#17 Data Point: “The ‘imaginary hobgoblin’ of rising income inequality”
Author: Skip Murphy – 27 Comments

“It seems that the only thing that is stagnant is that there has been little change in income share:”



#16 Notable Quote – Sam Blumenfield
Author: Susan Olsen – 27 Comments

A government education system is basically incompatible with the values of a free society. Eventually, one or the other must go.”



#15 New Emails Reveal Benghazi Was Never About A Video
Author: Scott Morales – 27 Comments

“And Hillary and the then Democrats Presidential candidate knew it.”



#14 Sure they do – they’re lying
Author: Skip Murphy – 27 Comments

“You see, they see ALL of us gun owners as the enemy to first be beat and then subdued. ”



#13 They left out “affirmation”…
Author: Skip Murphy – 27 Comments
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“At first, homosexual advocates wanted acceptance.”



#12 Free Speech: Guardians and Vassals
Author: Rick Olson – 28 Comments

“I contend we have had such cases similar to William Baer in Gilford, Robert Balon in Gorham and Jeffrey Clay in Alton for a number of years. We simply didn’t hear about it.”



#11 You Can Buy NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn’s House Next Week
Author: Steve MacDonald – 28 Comments

“NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of a Power of Sale contained in a certain Mortgage given by William S Horn and Jennifer Horn…”



#10 Exeter Pastor’s bizarre claim of keeping Church and state separated
Author: Kimberly Morin – 29 Comments

“A Pastor from Exeter complained today that she is sick of getting spam emails from the Rand Paul campaign. … Her supposed complaint was in defense of keeping church and state separated; however, a quick look at her website proves this Pastor is absolutely full of it.”



#9 “I don’t want anybody being day care poor” – is there ANYTHING that Progressives believe people can be without?
Author: Skip Murphy – 29 Comments

“Is there ANYTHING that Progressives believe, at this point,  people should do for themselves?  I think not and certainly my taxes, more and more, reflect that.”



#8  GrokTALK! With Phil Kerpen – Time to End Death Taxes
Author: Steve MacDonald – 30 Comments

“Phil Kerpen from American Commitment joins us to talk about Death Taxes, how popular repeal is, why there hasn’t been a vote on it for ten years, and what the chances are for reform in the coming months and years.”



#7 Why Do Democrats Name So Many Things After A Racist?
Author: Ed Naile – 30 Comments

“I know this is a bit much to ask surrender-monkeys but would it do any real harm to ask that just ONE public facility take down a known racist Ku Klux Klan recruiter’s name from its sign or letterhead?”



#6 What Did Frank Guinta’s Mother Know And When Did She Know It?
Author: Ed Naile – 31 Comments

“So what’s with NH and Congressman Frank Guinta’s mother? I can’t believe she, at least, hasn’t been frog-marched out of her home for the cameras.”



#5 A Look Behind The NHGOP’s Curtain
Author: Steve Mac Donald – 33 Comments

“…even if we abandon any conception of complicity with regard to the event or any like it (not that we’ll ever get any of them to admit that complicity begins at conception), the optics on this in a Republican Presidential primary year are awful.”



#4 Rep. Neal Kurk, Grow Up 
Author: Ed Naile – 35 Comments

“Yesterday, I came to understand something about a certain State Rep. who took such offense at having been “over emailed” by a group of taxpayers, I would consider to be in my small government camp, that he had to get in their face and raise his voice to express how angry he was.”



#3 Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi: Intimidation and Cowardice in Windham 
Author: Kimberly Morin – 54 Comments

“These men defamed themselves. They are elected public officials. They are using intimidation to stop the truth about them getting to Windham voters.”



#2 How DUMB are NH Democrats when it comes to SB 116  
Author: Kimberly Morin 58 Comments

“There are two types of gun control extremists – those who willfully LIE about facts and statistics and those who are simply dumber than a box of rocks.”



#1 NH Democrats put a price tag on rape 
Author: Steve MacDonald  – 169 Comments

“I’m must say that I am amazed at how blithely Susan Bruce dismisses what rape does to women in exchange for $900,000.00 in state revenue.”


GG Top 20 for 2015