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The Left Doesn’t Care About Race

cruzRubioCarson… or gender or sexuality and never has.

Despite the preening sanctimonious chest thumping and general clamoring on about how the Progressives, Left, and Democrats are all for inclusive diversity (as they see it, I.e. diversity of race, gender, sexuality etc) above all else, it’s just a lie.  The Progressives and Left are just like the Right, they just don’t want to admit it.  (I have my reasons as to why this is the case, but that’s for another post.)

Case in point.  Ted Cruz is the first Latino to win a primary election in United States history.  If the pro ethnic diversity cult on the Left were truly in it for the cause, we’d be awash in his praise right now.  But does anyone take notice?  Are we flooded by oozing saccharine stories about Cruz’s tough slog against the nefarious, white, intractable oppressive culture?  Are there video segments on mainstream networks interviewing members of various Latino communities throughout the country, capturing reactions or even asking for one?  Is Cruz’s mug gracing all the right magazines with articles extolling praise on his courageous victory and asking him stem winders like, “What’s it feel like to finally break through the brown barrier barricading Latinos out of the political process?”

What about the fact that another Latino came in third?  Same questions.

What about the fact that 60% percent (60 percent) of those hideous white racist Iowa Republicans voted for non-white candidates (Cruz 28%, Rubio 23%, Carson 9%)?  Where are the editorials, interviews, and pundit prattling on about “How this is another first for any primary”?

They are nowhere to be found.

The answer to some of those questions is because many of these so-called barriers are simply constructed by the Left and Democrats and do not really exist, except for in their self-serving narratives.

But back to the point, do you know why those stories are nowhere to be found? Of course you do.  Because they weren’t Democrats. They weren’t socialist sympathizing Leftist darlings the media loves.  That’s why.

But this reveals something.  It’s obvious when one thinks about it and probably many have already deduced this and I’m late to the party.  But look, conservatives say we don’t care about race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc.  All of those epiphenomenal trait are at best just that, secondary, not of great or even a modicum of import. We place high value on philosophy, ideology, and upholding those principles. Where you stand on, say, the Rule of Law matters greatly more than if you’re a lesbian.  Where you stand on Property Rights, Freedom of Speech, the Second, Tenth, Fifth, and Seventeenth Amendments far outweighs any consideration of your gender.  That you believe in the rights and supremacy of the individual obliterates noting if your Black, Hispanic or Asian. Who cares if you are a Camaroonian Polish, transgendered lesbian with a limp.  If you care about the protecting private sphere and the sanctity of the individual then,  Welcome, you’re in!  The Right values ideology so much that these other characteristics are often ignored; which can give the appearance that we’re apathetic to this group or that one and put us in trouble if we forget to communicate and evangelize these principles.

It’s not so with the Left.  Or, so they claim.  They say the color of your skin does matter a great deal and that it’s an extremely important characteristic to be considered when pondering diversity. They say sexuality is primary import as well as gender and ethnicity etc.  And they’ll pander to the needs to these groups. They say (say) these are all of primary import to the health of a diverse and inclusive culture.  You know the arguments, you all heard them before .

And we’ve all seen the stories on Republican and conservatives.  When Obama was running against McCain or Romney, they’d show the Republican crowds and say something like, “It’s a sea of white faces.  There’s not a black or brown face in the bunch.  Demographically, they have a minority  problem.” or some gibberish like that.

But this is all talk.  Here’s the deal.

As I stated at the beginning, the Left is exactly the same as the Right regarding this “diversity”.  The reason you’re not awash in a deafening din detailing the historical event of the first Latino to win a primary is because he’s not the right kind of Latino.  He doesn’t think like Latinos “should think”, so he doesn’t count.

We’ve also seen this before and still do. Condoleeza Rice the First Black woman Secretary of State—no matter, ignore her, she thinks incorrectly; Colin Powell the First Black Secretary of state— ignore him, he thinks incorrectly; Allen West, Ben Carson, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Susan Martinez, Marco Rubio and yes, Ted Cruz. (I can go on and on and so can you.) They all don’t count and are worthy of shunning because they do not agree with the Left and their vocal about it.

And therein lies the truth.  The Left does treat the race, the sexuality, the gender characteristic as a non-primary characteristic just like the Right does, but they lie about it.  The paramount, primary trait to be a good Leftist, Progressive, Democrat starts and ends with what you believe.  They don’t really care if you’re Black, so long as you believe in government handouts to their preferred groups (usually their voters).  They don’t really care if you’re a lesbian, so long as you believe in global warming or the environmental catastrophe Du Jour.  They don’t really care if you’re a woman, so long as you believe in keeping Democrats and Leftists in power and to continue to expand government and shrivel the citizen. They don’t really care about anyone unless they agree with their philosophy, ideology and principles. Or are at least willing to give them power and keep quiet.  If you’re a Black, lesbian, that believes in big government, social justice, collectivism, then “booyah”, you’re welcome!

However, if you’re a Black, lesbian, that believes in limited government, free markets, and individualism then shut up and go away.

It’s always what you believe. Actually, what you say you believe and how you vote.  The Left is just like the Right in that regard, only the Right doesn’t lie about it.  The Left does.  If you really think the Left cares about the plights of Black people, can you explain Detroit, Gary, Flint, South Side of Chicago? You can’t.