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Why NH Should Vote for Ted Cruz and not Donald Trump

CRUZ-GESTURE-FLAGTed Cruz knows that you are the best hope for saving America. But to do that you need a president willing to get the government out of the way so that you can.

“… just like the left, Donald Trump’s solutions are all built on the “smarts” of certain gifted people and then empowering those people to navigate the world for the masses. By contrast Ted Cruz’ campaign is built on the strength of a set of ideas, where rights, power and responsibility belong to every citizen, not just the gifted few. This is the self-governing model our nation was founded upon, which produced the most free and prosperous nation in history.

America does not merely need “smart” people to try to run our unworkable government and guide every aspect of our lives; America needs to return to smart ideas. A great step in that direction would be teaming up with Ted Cruz who, more than any other candidate still running, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to limiting government corruption the only way possible – limiting government. Unlike most candidates this election, Ted Cruz has never promised to be the savior of America, rather he always points to the ideas that made America.” (Read the whole thing at True North Reports.com)