New Hampshire House Democrat Respect & Civility Alert!

by Steve MacDonald

New Hampshire Democrats ran on respect and civility.  And we knew it for the fraud it was but people still fell for it.David Miller Democrat Roch NH

Part and parcel to the fraud was Speaker Norelli claiming to shake up the seating arrangements in the House to help build respect and civility,  bi-partisanship, working together…I figured it was so the Democrat majority could intimidate the minority members.  Another rep I spoke with suggested that this seating plan would make it easier for the Speaker to call close voice votes however she felt like calling them.

I can’t speak to the latter but the harassment by Democrats has already begun.

Today’s Respect and Civility Award goes to David P. Miller D- Rochester.

He’s made it his mission to harass a Republican rep who sits near him because he disagrees with them on the right to carry a concealed weapon.  Word has it that he was not at all respectful or civil after she spoke against amending a rule to ban firearms on the House floor and  in the gallery.  Witnesses report that he was rude and persistent.  And it has been reported to me that he intends to harass this Republican Rep every day on this issue.

It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Mr. Miller has no social media footprint so there is very little on-line to cull.  He is not a young man either.  In fact if he were a Republican Democrat Kevin Hodges would refer to him as a stingy old person who was stupid, and perhaps threaten him with a bat.  But Miller is a Democrat so he has nothing to fear from Mr. Hodges, or Maggie Hassan, or this loser, or any other Democrat.  Although someone probably should have told him to read the rehrotic published under his photo on the Rochester Democrat Committee Web Site.


The Democratic delegation will work for affordable, quality education for all New Hampshire citizens at all levels, from elementary through high school and beyond. They will protect the New Hampshire environment and quality of life, not just for our own health and well-being but also for the economic benefits they afford our citizens and our many visitors. They will work to achieve these goals, and many others, by working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility. [link]

Just after Christmas Democrat Rep Cynthia Chase made it clear that the New Hampshire Democrat House majority should intentionally legislate away rights or freedoms to protect the left’s poltical advantage.  Now we’ve got a Rochester, New Hampshire Democrat who has promised the daily harrassment of a member of the minority party who has been forced to sit near him.

The New Democrat Respect and Civility.  It’s just like the old version.


Mr. Millers House Contact Info:

Strafford- District 23
Seat #:4058

Home Address:
7 Harding St
Rochester, NH  03867-3722
Phone: (603)332-0925

House Commitee Information
Position: Member
Telephone: 271-3125


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