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(Re-Post FlashBack!) Introducing Rep Kevin Hodges (D-Awesome Cool)

(Originally posted April 20th, 2010, this is–I think–one of my classic rants and worthy of a re-post)

Introducing Rep Kevin Hodges (D-Awesome Cool)

Ah, the arrogance of youth.  Not long ago it was Brian “I have an LSR to get minors off for getting busted for possession of alcohol” Poznanski who was the whelp–having then gotten himself busted as a minor in possession of alcohol in front of a house full of minors and his LSR subsequently pulled.  That was fun, and illegal, but so five months ago.  Now we have Kevin Hodges (Hillsborough7) who hasn’t done anything illegal that we know of, but based on a chance encounter documented below I think we can draw a pretty picture of Mr. Hodges.

I’m just guessing but I bet Kev-Bo is wicked sick when it comes to the general court, and he’ll probably tell you as much.  But when you look up his voting record, he’s really just another BORG wired into Norelli’s hive.  He’s a big spender (No spending caps HB 1522), wants to make sure he can tax you as much as he needs to after he spends your money (Killed CACR 26) he’s not interested in the constitutionality of the general courts activities (voted to ITL HB 1343), and he seems more than willing to let the facilities committee pass judgement on things of a decidedly constitutional nature like banning guns from places (voted to kill HB1693) even though when given the chance to ban them legislatively he voted against it. (HB 1654).  Afraid to vote for it, but you’ll let them paper push it into existence, I see how you are.  And I didn’t look, but I bet he’s against parental rights.  Most young healthy men his age are.

What attracted my interest in Kevin–if you are wondering–was a recent encounter between Mr. Hodges and a new voter, (She’ll be 18 before November) documented in a letter to the editor of the Goffstown News.


To the editor,

This past week I had an eye-opening conversation with State Rep. Kevin Hodges when he stopped by the store where I work. Like any good politician, he introduced himself. I told him that I would be old enough to vote for the first time this November and simply asked him why I should vote for him.

Using some expletive language to express his shock at my age, he answered, “You should vote for me because I’m awesome and cool. The House is filled with stingy old people who are stupid. I’m younger and smarter, and that’s a fact.”

I go my answer that day, it was an easy decision. But I was left wondering, fellow voters, is this the best we can do for our district?

Sarah Koski


Swearing in context while insulting older American’s must be what they teach at the left wings version of campaign school.  I’m practically swooning from here.  Where’s the GD voting booth you A-h***s I can’t wait to vote for Awesome Cool Hodges!

But doesn’t that sound an awful lot like hate speech toward a protected class of persons?  Age-ism of all things coming from someone of diminished years.  I don’t happen to have my copy of the Pentagon Funding/ Matthew Shepherd Hate crimes law handy–or any New Hampshire equivalent–but I have to wonder if we shouldn’t start whining like liberals and demand that the entire democrat party denounce this crap immediately… (because) if you don’t denounce it you are countenancing it.

Wow that sounds familiar.  Sullivanesqe might be the word I’m looking for.

And he has also apparently insulted their intelligence.  So now they are stupid old people. (Are we allowed to use the S-Word?)  That’s so ironic coming from the younger-smarter Kevin Awesome-Cool Hodges.   I wonder what his floor speeches are like?  A bit thinner than Churchill or Disraeli I imagine–stingy old cheapskate’s the whole lot of them.  And screw the founders.   Dumb old bastards. Not one to stand on the shoulders of his predecessors that Hodges guy.  Wisdom is for suckers. He’s an F-N progressive.

Who am I kidding.  They don’t let him talk.  Look what happens?

Can you picture it?  “I don’t care how awesome cool you are, just push the button we tell you to kid, and whatever you do, keep your mouth shut.  Look at Speaker Norelli.  No up there.  Stop texting–over there! See her.  One finger for yea, two for nay, got it?”  Hard for your representative to represent anything on those terms.  Lucky Goffstown.  You must be so proud.  You elected awesome Cool Hodges and the foot storage device known as his mouth.

So where does that leave us? Oh yeah.  Sarah gets to grasp the gritty end of the urban dictionary (handed to her by her State Legislator) and a clue about the inner workings of the left wing mind.   And I bet she can’t wait until November to see if the voters in town help her put their feet to his ass and kick him out of the State House.  Would that be awesome cool or what?  I’ll tell you this, it’d be smart and that’s a fact.

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