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Swing Away Maggie. Swing Away!

Democrat Maggie Hassan says beating Republicans with a bat is a 'Good Answer"One can only imagine the media firestorm that would erupt from Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley and his troglodytes if Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan was a Republican.

John DiStaso-Granite Status

(When) asked by an audience member: “How can you beat a Republican opponent in this state this year?”

And just as she begins to answer, another audience member shouts out:

“You can beat ‘em with a bat! You can beat ‘em with your hands! You can beat ‘em with your feet!”

To which Hassan replies, “That’s a good answer.”

If Hassan were a Republican this would dominate the lefts media campaign all the way to November.

Andrew Hemmingway’s PAC 4RG (For a Republican Governor) has a Web ad out on it, (also on the jump), but aside from DiStaso remarking on the ad, there is very little coverage or comment on this.  And  the focus up to this point has been on Hassan’s implied complicity in violence based and her remark, “That’s a good answer.”

As an off the cuff response you could argue that is simply insulting and careless but I think it is indicative of a larger more serious problem.

Candidate Hassan is in a room full of supporters.  Democrats.  A New Hampshire Democrat proudly made the remarks in front of a camera–that is right next to him, and the response from the room full of New Hampshire Democrats….is laughter.  There are people in the video, bright-eyed,  smiling broadly at the remarks.

Democrats emnraced Occupy and ignored the violenceIf a room full of Republican supporting libertarians or TEA Party activists looked like that when someone said we can beat Democrats with a bat, how would that play out?

How about it Ray?  Would you be drooling in anticipation at the partisan Sh*t storm you could create?

I’m not here to complain about the hypocrisy, though I feel obliged to point it out.  I am more interested in making the New Hampshire Democrat party explain why a room full of Democrats thought the idea of beating Republicans with a bat was funny?

What are you teaching these people?

There is clearly a collective cultural undertow of aggression within New Hampshire Democrats that is tolerated if not inculcated into them by party leadership. And Maggie Hassan is looked up to as a State party leader.   She is running for Governor of the entire state New Hampshire.  But I think it is safe to say that “That’s a good answer” only plays well in a room full of Democrats.  So she has revealed to us that she not only tolerates off hand violent remarks of this nature but is comfortable advocating them in a room full of the right kind of voter.

The same Democrats who will blindly repeat Party leadership claims that it is the TEA Party people who are violent (with no proof), right after they smile and laugh at the idea of beating a Republicans with a bat.

Hassan didn’t ignore the remarks, she did not shun them, contradict them, or even scold the speaker for making them.  She said.  “That’s a good answer,” to her smiling, enthusiastic crowd of supporters.

Here’s the video.