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Brian Bloomer Fired - Good

Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday.

But we will never know what happened to the Progressive dude who brought this unto himself.  Only way we’ll know is to keep checking SAU46’s roster to see if his name is still on it. Steve broke the story that Brian Bloomer, a fifth grade teacher at the Tuftonboro Central School, decided to go on …

Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday. Read More »

Classroom camera Pinterest 353180795778353140

Recording Educators at Work: Is it Time?

In my day, the helping professions such as teaching and policing were generally populated by those realizing satisfaction in helping and protecting others. Like today, however, there were always a few individuals whose personalities were a poor professional fit.

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Very Good Advice…

Weekend Pundit is a weekly read for me. DCE’s “Thoughts On Sunday” always has some tidbit that strikes home. I only wish that he would do more but this one, for all of us Normals, is good advice:

Its a WOKE WORLD after all - YouTube screenshot

Sing Along! “It’s a Woke World, After All…”

Both funny and sad at the same time. The fact that somebody put a lot of time into creating and animating this woke version of Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All” (and the actual ride has been “evolved” to be more SJW/PC safe for the perpetually offended snowflakes) says a lot about our society.

Portland Marxists Riots

Woke Culture’s Marxist Roots

Hey, all right? I’m NOT! It’s clear to me that the “woke culture” movement was born in Marxism and is pushing our country to Marxist totalitarianism!


Bye, Bye, Boston Baseball!

On October 4, 2003, I was one of 35,460 baseball fans at Fenway Park watching the Red Sox face elimination in the ALDS against the Oakland A’s pinch-hit for Gabe Kapler. Standing with many other fans on the right-field roof box terrace during the bottom of the 12th inning, I watched Trot Nixon proceeded to …

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Deborah Buckman

Collective Guilt

Supporters of the Presidential candidate who lost the election stormed into Washington D.C., destroying property, attacking and injuring police, and causing major damage to buildings in the city. Vicious signs threatening the winner’s supporters were everywhere.