Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday. - Granite Grok

Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday.

Brian Bloomer Fired - Good

But we will never know what happened to the Progressive dude who brought this unto himself.  Only way we’ll know is to keep checking SAU46’s roster to see if his name is still on it.

Steve broke the story that Brian Bloomer, a fifth grade teacher at the Tuftonboro Central School, decided to go on a rant against those that disagree with them – expletives included. Fine – if that’s what he wants to do, do so, but it also gave Steve another opportunity to show what the real statistics are on the WuFlu pandemic (which, in many cases, has been more about who gets to wield Power than Public Health). I simply decided to ask the School District Administrative Unit 46 (SAU46):

What action(s) will be taken by the District by this potty-mouthed teacher in your school system?  What is your official response to his rant against those that simply have a different political worldview than his?…

Well, I did hear back from the SAU46 Superintendent:

Sidenote: I never emailed her. I DID email the entire School Board.  I thought that I would have heard from the Chair but no such luck.  WHY do School Boards use their Supers as “hatchet men” instead of having the courage and sense of responsibility to do it themselves?

—— Original Message ——
From: “Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert” <>
To: “Skip” <>
Sent: 9/20/2021 5:09:39 PM
Subject: Re: Brian Bloomer

Hi Skip,

I am sorry I cannot comment. This has become a personnel matter.


Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert
Superintendent of Schools
Governor Wentworth Regional School District
PO Box 190/140 Pine Hill Rd.
Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896
p:  603-569-1658  f: 603-569-6983

Thus, with that six word sentence, that’s the end of it. Unless some parent that has a child in that class steps forward (even anonymously), we’ll never know. With that said, IF you are such a parent, even one with just a kid in that school, we’d love to know more even if it is just his absence from the building.  We can’t be everywhere so we have to rely on you folks!