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Very Good Advice…

CrybulliesPout650pw permission by FireBreathingChristian

Weekend Pundit is a weekly read for me. DCE’s “Thoughts On Sunday” always has some tidbit that strikes home. I only wish that he would do more but this one, for all of us Normals, is good advice:

To show you just how insane wokeness on college campuses have become, a “colorblind study” is now racist.

I guess when your entire raison d’etre is to combat racism, then every problem and every action is defined as racist.

This is what happens when most of society’s problems have been solved: take something that is minor, even non-existent, blow it all out of proportion so that it is now a ‘crisis’ and make it your cause. Anyone questioning your cause is labeled as a fascist/racist/whateverist. Is it delusion? Is it a form of malignant narcissism? Is it a form of schizophrenia?

Whatever it is, it is time to point out these ‘woke’ causes for what they are – absolute delusional nonsense – and end them. They serve no useful purpose and solve nothing. All many of them do is create division, hatred, and in the end, violence.

It is unfortunate that many of us Normals refuse to speak out and stand up to these social miscreants who have rejected reasoning for mere feelings that are all too quick to “rage out” when anyone crosses them even in the smallest of discussions or actions. In this scenario, we are ALL supposed to have someone’s skin color always uppermost in our minds and in our actions.

Screw that – I refuse to give any of my precious bandwidth to that nonsense and if you try to “make me care”, I’ll be happy to let you know EXACTLY how much I don’t care about your feelings, your activism, or your obnoxious attempts to control how I think or behave. These people are nothing but bullies and only continue to be bullies because too few decided to (figuratively) punch them in their rhetorical noses.  Once you do so, you can look forward to them turning into crybullies and crying “I’M A Victim!” and go running to their equally nitwittery friends.

Sure, it will make you uncomfortable at first, but remember what these people want to do to your kids and grandkids. Man up, grow a pair and don’t relent.

(H/T: Weekend Pundit)