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How Deadly is Covid?

Panning the Pandemic 

Shortly after World War II ended, every member of my New Hampshire family became aware of the threat posed by communism within the borders of two former allies: China and Russia.

Hillary CNN Civility

Hillary Said ‘No Peace Unless We Win.’ They Won, and Declared War

This is hardly breaking news, it is a presumed fact every time her lips are moving. Hillary Clinton lied. But given the recent focus on violent rhetoric (of the impeachable sort, not the real-world variety) this seems relevant. In October of 2018, Miz Clinton said there could be no peace unless we (Democrats) win.

Tucker Carlson

The Government Has Declared War on Its Own People and It Means to Win That War

This falls into the category of must-watch television. Tucker Carlson, from last Friday. It needs very little introduction but put simply, the government has declared war on its own people and it means to win that war. Even if the war destroys the nation or any number of its citizens, as long as it isn’t …

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unhinged democrats

Submission, Conversion, or War!

In Robert Spencer’s The History of Jihad, you find that across time (from Muhammad to ISIS, as the subtitle goes), just about every interaction with Islam can be reduced to one simple phrase. Submission, Conversion, or war.

Greta Thunberg

The Ignoble Nobel Disses Precious Little Greta

There can be only one Nobel Peace Prize winner each year. We knew it wasn’t going to be someone who did something historic, like Mr. Trump. That’s now how this works. But a nominee darling on the left got stiffed too.

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate…

Many talking heads are trumpeting that radicals are hijacking peaceful protests. Well no, that is not true and it is time we wake up and smell the coffee. There is no groundswell of racial unrest. Radical Marxists and Islamists are using Blacks once again.

We Are At War To Be ‘We The People’ Again

We Are At War To Be ‘We The People’ Again

The Democrats (D’s) want President Donald Trump out of the White House. Every other consideration, even mass starvation or death, seems irrelevant to them.  They simply do not care. That’s what the ‘D’ really stands for… DEATH.