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If We Can’t End Our Dependence on Money Laundered Through DC, No One Will Ever Live Free

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Back in 2018, before the midterm elections, the warnings were there. The country class elected Trump in 2016, and the ruling class was very unhappy about that. The Left was well into their war plan to claw it back by any means necessary.

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That continued into the mid-terms and through the Steal to Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) today.

Their plan is accelerating as they work to secure the one-party state – not free from Republicans specifically, just those not on the team—a matter we discuss with frequency, including here from August of 2018.


I cannot stress often enough how we cannot give these people power. Any power. Their silence (amounting to hypocrisy) when advocates of the left violate people’s constitutional rights to speech and association speaks volumes.

Especially when they are so quick to react when similar acts can be spun to present an opportunity that empowers the government to control speech, association, or the vehicles for both.

At present, the left is not using its own violence against political and cultural opponents to justify taking everyone’s rights away, but at some point, they may with the caveat that “their haters “are excluded.

Every tyranny works this way. Ours will be no different.


We’ve arrived, and they are going to do what they’ve promised. Crap is coming through congress like sh!t through a goose. We need allies who arm themselves with the power of nullification. Begin here.

It may be our only defense short of a shooting war, and no one wants that. Sorry, the left would be happy to shoot us if they thought they’d win and will happily go down that road if and when the time comes.

So, announce to whoever will listen. You do not care what you claim the people said on election day. This is rape, and you revoke consent.

Find like-minded legislators and get them on board. Call, email, write letters to the editor, share our content, and join with like-minded individuals.

Start looking for ways not just to cut state spending but do it in a way that will lower our reliance on Federal money and the noose that comes with it.

Nullification will never work if our so-called Republican allies, and we know who they are, insist that we can’t afford to be a Free State. That blocking unconstitutional executive orders or illegal laws from DC comes with a price we can’t afford to pay.

They’re right. Successive legislature going back decades put us in hock to the Feds. Our members of congress did it as well. It is why I have, for so very long, referred to them as Washington DC’s Ambassadors to New Hampshire.

Our interests were never their first concern.  Seeing us bound to Federal power is. Instead of working to protect us from that trap, they set it and led us to it.

We are overly dependent on money laundered through DC.

Until the Granite State commits to a plan of long-term sustained economic growth that not just lowers taxes to increase revenue but directs that revenue to break free from DC money, no one will ever Live Free. We’ll die slaves dependent on Federal taskmasters and the locals who aid and abet them.

The assault on our natural rights will continue, and the Constitutions drafted to ensure them will be nothing but words on paper.

And death is not the worst of evils; being a slave to a distant oligarchy might be if we can’t escape. But we have to want that.

Do we want that?