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Harrell’s New Gig?

  I got a Direct Message from New Hampshire Democrat Party Propaganda Minister Harrell ‘Jersey Shore’ Kirstein last night.  I guess Jersey Shore got himself a new gig.  He’s promoting weight loss programs on Twitter now. This is not much different from his previous job helping State government lighten your wallet.  

What a Twit

Why would the spokes-model for the New Hampshire Democrat Party be sending me a Direct Message on Twitter, linked to a dangerous web site, at 2:45 AM on a Sunday morning?

If You Are Not Following Me On Twitter….

Twitter inspires the opportunity to aggravate the leftists who insist on following conservatives there. Not every witticism will fit on Twitter. Sometimes you have to write a blog and post a link. And then there are the thoughts that are too short to blog and too long to tweet. (Some things can’t be said in under 140 characters.)

So who the hell is this?

Political Scoop confirmed that the July Fourth Forum Twitter page is a fake. The page continues to tweet links to things in the demo-sphere while making lots of woot woot remarks.