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So we’re about to try an experiment

Twitter Jail

As many of you know, Twitter locked our account:

So yes, I finally hit the REMOVE button that Twitter imposed upon us. As soon as we did, they unlocked our account.

However, the ONLY reason I did so (after making it clear I wouldn’t) is to find out where the “Twitter Red Line” is; we’re about to try an experiment with Twitter.  Abvoveis the post that Twitter objected to but they would never tell us how it violated their Rules. We are thinking that it might have been how the tweet was structured.  So, we’re going to first play with the tweet but leave the post alone (other than to continuously update it) and then if we can’t get banned, we’ll play with the post itself.  I have a feeling it was “Advances Weapon Ban” in the tweet, above, but unless we play, we don’t know. And if they ban us again, well, c’est la.  We also have our Gab account.  Let see how censorious Twitter wishes to be.

So here’s the new tweet:

Also, let us know if this DOESN’T show up in your Twitter feed.  Given the banning, it would be interesting if we are being “shadowbanned” – we see it go out but is anybody seeing it?