NASA Admits: Mythical Beast Known As "Ice Free Arctic" Might be Decades Away - Granite Grok

NASA Admits: Mythical Beast Known As “Ice Free Arctic” Might be Decades Away

The ice-free arctic cabal has had a rough go of it. They’ve been promising us a view of that mythical beast for decades. We’ve even got rising global CO2 for bait, and yet still, there have been no sightings. That hasn’t stopped the parade of predictions even when confronted with this inconvenient truth:

Sea ice is getting thicker faster (during the winter months) than at any time in the satellite record.

This increase in growth rate might last for decades, a new study accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters found. This does not mean that the ice cover is recovering, though. Just delaying its demise.

Right. Because a good protection racket doesn’t sunset. You never admit they might not need your “protection” anymore. No matter what happens, the money keeps flowing.

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Someone Should Get an Oscar for This

Polar ice could thicken for decades. But that doesn’t mean it won’t melt again. Wow. Brilliant. Bravo. You’ve captured the very essence of the entire history of planet earth. Someone contact the Nobel Committee. Get The Academy of motion picture arts and sciences on the phone. If we can get a black lesbian transitioning to a gay Latino climate scientist bullied for their beliefs to say that I guarantee an Oscar.

Or, how about Al Gore?

Just don’t let anyone know that the mean ice extent for the past ten years has been flat. To quote Tony Heller on Twitter, you can’t stop the long-term decline because there isn’t any. He’s also got a short list of expert predictions about the impending doom of an ice-free arctic here. The promised mythical beast yet to be revealed by nature.

One more point. He’s got a screen grab of it, but when I followed the link to view his twitter response and attached image to NASA, Twitter presented me with this.

Tony Heller Tweet - Sensitive material

This media may contain sensitive material.

The material is the MASIE Arctic Ice Extent Graph above showing no long-term decline. Twitter flagged that as sensitive.

I’m sure to them it was.

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