Ilhan Omar: Something Happened to Some Building (in Paris) - Granite Grok

Ilhan Omar: Something Happened to Some Building (in Paris)

Notre Dame Burns

If you’d just crawled out a cave in Waziristan having no context this ‘statement’ about the fire in the Cathedral at Notre Dame would mean about as much as she meant it to mean.

A pretty building got ruined – hope no one was injured.

In response, someone Tweeted, ‘Did something happen to some building?” Perfect. But then so, is this.

Or Christian, or Christianity. 

Given the epic scale of “hate crimes” against Christians and Churches in France, someone in her position could allay fears of assumed religious and ideological bigotry by using those words instead of appearing to avoid them.

She chose the latter.

After the 9/11 remarks, supporting terrorists, antisemitism, and everything controversial and Ilhan Omar, if I were advising her, I’d make the point: say it, sound like you mean it.

She didn’t do either with this tweet. Why?