NHLWV -Peterborough: Ledger-Transcript's Ben Conant loses Twitter flame war - Granite Grok

NHLWV -Peterborough: Ledger-Transcript’s Ben Conant loses Twitter flame war

No, not with me (GraniteGrok seems to be stuck in Twitter purgatory over a tweet that only reports actual news over New Zealand’s ban on guns that I refuse to remove) but someone else that has given permission for me to publish their screen captures of their phone “war” with Monadnock Ledger-Transcript’s Ben Conant:

First, the “discrediting”:

And is brought back to why this has turned out to be more than a wee kerfuffle:

Oh wait, now this is elevated to #NHPOLITICS, giving this conversation a much wider audience.  Hey there, waving Big Flashlights is OUR gig (heh!)!

Followed by deflection /non-answer:

And gets called out for deleting the related tweets.  Back when I was really on Twitter, that was a sign of “I lost”. Is that still a thing on Twitter nowadays?

Ah, back to #NHPOLITICS and, oops, Casper (as in “the friendly….”) appears!

“You’re beneath me, Chris Maidment, you bother me”….yeah, that “accountability” deal again.

And shows that Conant is looking for any port in a roiling sea – imagine, grabbing onto my email thread as a defense?

And THE question (that of recording) is asked:

And asked a second time. With a bit of a revelation – livestreaming by the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript?  Hmm, that’s a bit more than “pictures” that the LWV intimated:

Was that just a “petard” moment – from “discouraged” to “we’re gonna broadcast it to the entire Internet!!!!!”


Oopsies – blocked!

Hmmm, I guess that flame war ended up badly for the MLT dude, didn’t it.  And yes, his Twitter feed is now locked up solid:

You know, if the MLT had said up front that they were livestreaming it, this wouldn’t have been, as former VPOTUS and now 2020 Dem Prez Wannabee Joe Biden, a BFD. A complete recording would be made, folks could ponder on the words that were said at a later time, and those that couldn’t be there could watch it later.  Win-Win all the way around.

That is, IF the MLT is actually going to do all those things (livestream, make arrangements for all to see it – you know, all the normal stuff that GraniteGrok has been doing for years at these kinds of events).  IF….

Oh, lest I forget, we did have another avenue that we followed to get answers.

That in a bit.