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Moving Out With American Trucking

American trucking is responsible for much of our way of life. Most of us fail to realize how many of the things we use or consume daily do not have a local source. Whether it’s food, fuel, electronics or clothes; the goods are not from a local source.


Important Fleet Tracking Insights Fleet Managers Should Know

Fleet managers have an obligation to optimize the productivity of the company. Strategies like company vehicle tracking, fuel management, marketing of the business, and increased safety and security differentiates a performing fleet company and one that is not. The biggest concern today is tracking the fleet vehicles so that they remain productive, safe, and improve …

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Op-ED: Using Tech effectively in New Hampshire schools

To screen or not to screen? That is the question facing parents and educators across the country. Digital technology has opened up new possibilities in teaching, as well as so many other areas of modern life. But new research finds that too much screen time can hinder a child’s educational development.

Urgent Versus Important

Will reality have any real effect on political debate?

The conservative/liberal debate is interesting because both terms are undefined. It’s healthy to have this debate. But what exactly is the debate today? The terms have any meaning anyone wants to assign them, any time they feel like using them. Which is to say, they are utterly useless except as pejoratives.


Put Your Phone Down and Pay Attention

Would you like to learn a little-known secret? For several years before I gave a damn about politics, I practiced writing column length articles. Hey, I like to write. The topic at the time was driving. Traffic stats. Driver safety. And my kids were going to be drivers someday, so it sort of made sense.

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Donald Trump’s Moves To Develop US Supplies of Lithium and Other Critical Minerals

No modern economy, especially a (cough-cough) green one, can long survive without critical minerals like lithium. But until recently US resources have gone undeveloped or underdeveloped. Most of our lithium comes from South America or Australia via China. That means strategic enemies. The Green President didn’t do much if anything to change that. Mr. Trump, …

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Motion Technology For All My PC’s

Coming in May 2013 – A motion technology interface that plugs into any PC – via USB port – allowing you to use your hands to interface with your computer.  More details and links to more details here.