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Taxation is theft

taxation isnt always theft

Notable Quote – and proves that “Taxation is Theft” just like that!

Or, a bit longer with more words. But the conclusion is the same: Among the assumptions at the foundation of this article is that we human beings extend our ability to achieve our goals by cooperating with each other. And the greater is the number of individuals with whom we cooperate, the greater is the …

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Progressive - you are greedy for not letting me spend your money

Belknap County Delegation Sets a Good Example

Everyone realizes that the China virus can make people very sick or die, but some people fail to consider its financial harm to tens of millions of Americans from lost jobs, greatly reduced incomes, and/or the failures of their businesses.  Some workers and business owners in Belknap County have also suffered severe financial harm.

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DISQUS Doodlings – Yes, Taxes Can Be Totalitarian

To me, taxes should be levied but only at levels necessary for as limited a government that we can get away with, and no more government than that. Just enough to keep an ordered society.

Lizzie Warren: proving “Taxation is Theft”

Both US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (Socialist – Vermont) are really proving the phrase, Taxation is Theft, to be very true. High-income taxes and then taking away your Private Property with a second round of taxation (e.g., wealth taxes) to fund almost anything the two of them can think of.