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Elliot Axelman for State Rep, Hooksett – Vote Tuesday, March 10th

Elliot Axelman Hookset Special election

My name is Elliot Axelman, and I am a Republican running for State Representative in the Hooksett Special Election.

I am a paramedic by profession, and I enjoy many hobbies, including personal fitness and music. I currently serve on the Hooksett Budget Committee, in my second term. Along with the other members of the Committee, we carefully analyze spending and try to keep the town’s budget from going up.

Regarding public policy, it is my belief that the smaller the government, the better. You own yourself and politicians should not control your life. The free market is the best regulator and burdensome government regulations only hurt entrepreneurs and consumers.

Hooksett voters deserve a Representative who will fight to defend their rights in Concord. These natural rights include life, property, personal freedom, economic freedom, the right to work, privacy, self-defense, and education. You deserve someone who is principled and does not compromise your rights for personal benefit or some other trade-off.

I will stand with Governor Sununu and defend the New Hampshire advantage. Not only will I oppose all tax increases and new fees and regulations, but I will oppose all attempts to expand the government.

As a paramedic, my flexible schedule allows me to attend legislative sessions without conflict. Hooksett voters deserve someone who will consistently show up and advocate for them in Concord. You deserve someone who is a fighter with strong principles, passion, and a record of getting things done at work and in politics. Hooksett deserves a Representative who supports the conservative values of limited government, personal freedom, safety, and prosperity.

I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, March 10th at Cawley Middle School.

I can be reached at Elliot@Axelman4NH.com and at 603-609-0292. I’d love to hear from you!

Elliot Axelman is a Republican candidate for the open Hooksett State Representative Seat.

Headline Photo: NH Young Republican endorsement of Elliot Axelman for State Rep.