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What It Means To Support Planned Parenthood

PPProgressive-liberal democrats will present themselves at the hearing for HB 228 on Tuesday February 8th to advocate for the continued public funding of Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire.  So maybe we should ask what it is they could be advocating?

Planned Parenthood has been implicated in a willingness to conceal sex trafficking, hide abortions performed on minors and prostitution.

Trafficking illegal immigrant minors in the sex trade.

And allowing the sexual abuse of minors including statutory rape without consistent and prompt reporting to the proper authorities.

Now I am not claiming that Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire or New England is complicit in any of these acts specifically, though they may be, I cannot say.  But they are guilty by association and it is that association that by itself should exclude them from any taxpayer funded support of any kind–particularly for those who think giving tax dollars to an abortion mill is not reason enough.

Planned Parenthood is guilty at the very least for failing to ingrain in their corporate, medical and professional culture the need to protect and defend the lives and bodies of these young girls, these children, in every office, in every community they serve, before any other corporate, professional or ideological objective.

That has not been the case and those who advocate for them should be considered complicit.

We don’t even need to be offended by the idea of abortion to dismiss any claim they might make to public funding.  It is obvious that Planned Parenthood has not done enough to ensure that in every transaction, the name Planned Parenthood can be associated with the highest ethical standards, and a commitment to working with law enforcement to guard children from serial sexual abuse under any circumstances.  They are ideally positioned to help reduce this kind of abuse, yet that is not the culture they appear to have embedded in their organization.

After years of questionable action or inaction Planned Parenthood has an inferred culture that ensures abortions are “available” to everyone, including the victims of sexual predators, pedophiles and sex traffickers who prey on young girls, before anything else.  So anyone who would stand up and defend that culture must bear that burden as well.

We at GraniteGrok will be taking a particular interest in the list of persons who appear to testify against HB 228.  We will be acquiring and posting the names of everyone who is willing to defend a corporate culture that…

..may be complicit in the use of taxpayer dollars to counsel child molesters and sex traffickers on how to get and use contraception, administer medication to the victims of sexual abuse for STDs….and yes, in those rare occasions when a safe abortion is necessary for a victim of sex trafficking or statutory rape, how to get one without attracting the attention of law enforcement, even though we have been assured that taxpayer dollars are never, ever used for abortions.

Again, it does not matter if any of these things has ever occurred at a Planned Parenthood office in Northern New England, or even New Hampshire.  Planned Parenthood is an international presence.  It is no different than a greedy bank, or and evil insurance company or a fossil fuel energy business.  It has a culture and it is responsible for what that culture is willing to allow.  And the left has very well defined rules for guilt by association.  So I think it is time they got used to living up to those same rules themselves.

HB 228 is AN ACT prohibiting the department of health and human services from entering into a contract with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any organization that provides abortion services and prohibiting the use of public funds or insurance for abortion services.




Public Hearing: 2/8/2011 1:30 PM LOB 205


Final Note: When the recent videos were released implicating PP in wrongdoing, the institutional left called a conference call to figure out how to defend them and cover it up.  No worries about the sex trafficking of minors, let’s just make sure PP gets though this unscathed.