Did a Record Number of Vaccinated Airline Pilots Drop Dead in 2021? - Granite Grok

Did a Record Number of Vaccinated Airline Pilots Drop Dead in 2021?

Cockpit pilots Original Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Last month Southwest Airlines pilots convinced the carrier to honor vaccine exemptions. All of them. It was a huge win, a significant concession. It looked like pilots would have to walk or accept an experimental pharmaceutical until that point. But a lot of pilots got the jab.

Employers were rather insistent.

So, is that why 111 of them have died in 2021?

Is that why the Southwest pilots wanted a clear takeoff for exemptions? They saw the writing on the wall.

Airline Pilots International Association has a page in their monthly magazine listing pilot deaths for the past few years. One pilot passed away in 2019, six in 2020, and 111 from January to September 2021.

Maybe they all died of COVID.

Or, maybe they all got vaccinated and had heart attacks.

As noted last week, at least 167 COVID-vaccinated athletes have dropped dead from sudden heart-related failures.

Over 110 dead airline pilots in nine months without an air war seems like a big number to me.

The pilots at Southwest appear to have had the right idea.

As for the question in the headline, it appears that way, and we’ll follow up when we know more.


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