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Americans Can No Longer Remain Silent

Critical Race Theory is the latest element from the Left to promote hatred and division in America. It is completely racist itself and a total lie beginning to end. Consider:

Democrat Guvs lockdown Trump Dictator

Notable Quote – How Easily We Gave up Our Freedom?

It is extraordinary how easily people in the West embraced authoritarian lockdown measures. Governments must have been shocked how little resistance there was to their new laws. In his infamous interview in the Times, Professor Neil Ferguson said they didn’t think they could implement a lockdown in the democratic West.

Unproven-Assumptions-of-Critical-Race-Theory FI

Important Questions About Critical Race Theory

In a fabulous interview four years ago with Mark Steyn, James Mitchell, the man (in)famous for waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, presented a pearl of wisdom gleaned through one of his interactions with the terror mastermind:

Fredrick Douglas

Frederick Douglass vs The 1619 Project

A free slave vs Black race-baiters:  one from our history who believed in the Constitution as being for all people vs someone that would rewrite our history simply to advance a race-based fiction (to which she has now admitted to doing).

The Right Man for Today is Donald J. Trump.

The Right Man for Today … Donald J Trump

The November election is likely the most important one since 1860. This election is more than a contest over particular policies or programs. It isn’t only about healthcare or taxes. This election is a contest between two competing regimes. It is a struggle between two ways of life in diametric opposition.

Our Founding Fathers Deserve Praise for the Good They Did

It’s not slavery that hurts Americans today; slavery was outlawed 155 years ago. Americans should feel proud that our founders stated in our country’s first official document the (Judeo-Christian) principle that “all men are created equal.”