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Fredrick Douglas

Frederick Douglass vs The 1619 Project

A free slave vs Black race-baiters:  one from our history who believed in the Constitution as being for all people vs someone that would rewrite our history simply to advance a race-based fiction (to which she has now admitted to doing).

The Right Man for Today is Donald J. Trump.

The Right Man for Today … Donald J Trump

The November election is likely the most important one since 1860. This election is more than a contest over particular policies or programs. It isn’t only about healthcare or taxes. This election is a contest between two competing regimes. It is a struggle between two ways of life in diametric opposition.

Our Founding Fathers Deserve Praise for the Good They Did

It’s not slavery that hurts Americans today; slavery was outlawed 155 years ago. Americans should feel proud that our founders stated in our country’s first official document the (Judeo-Christian) principle that “all men are created equal.”

White girl Japanese girl Slavery Pearl Harbor FI

To stop this nonsense takes only one action – the courage to say “No”

WHY should someone be guilty of something that happened 75 years ago (or further back into antiquity)? Were they there to actually participate in what (in this instance) the “Woke” Left  – in the persons of Black Lives Matter or in the persons of Social Justice Warriors – now considers sinful?

Buckley Lies and Smears a U.S. Senator (& Every GOP in New Hampshire) … WMUR Acts Like It’s Normal and Ignores.

This: Of course, Senator Tom Cotton said no such thing: A number of media outlets have distorted Senator Tom Cotton’s (R., Ark.) recent comments about the American founding to make it seem as if he believes the institution of slavery was “necessary” in a general sense. The controversy began after Cotton introduced a bill that …

Buckley Lies and Smears a U.S. Senator (& Every GOP in New Hampshire) … WMUR Acts Like It’s Normal and Ignores. Read More »

Scandinavian Socialists

Scandinavian Socialists

During this spring our government has been guilty of massive overreach. The people in charge were so fearful they felt they needed to put restrictions in place. They suspended the U.S. Constitution. Our political leaders would have us believe they needed to ban our freedoms to keep us safe.