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Serious Wetware Development

One of the first rules of serious software development is that you set up your tests first, before you write a line of code, so that you’ll be able to tell whether your program is working.

Leftism Eradicates Character

Leftists tend to hold America in contempt. They prefer socialism to capitalism and regard all white people and police as racist. To them the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism are not only nonsense, but dangerous nonsense. There is an implicit adherence to a belief that men and women are not inherently different or even that male …

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Why Does Merrimack Need $20,000.00 Per Student Per Year?

The proposed budget for the Merrimack School system is 77.6 million dollars. That’s the entire cost to run the district for one year. An endeavor that exists, at least in theory, with one purpose. Educate children. But not very many of them. Which begs the question? Why so much for so little?


Over time we’ve developed a method for dealing with situations where (1) we don’t want poor people to be denied access to something essential, (2) we don’t want tax money to be wasted on substandard products or services, and (3) we don’t want poorer people to subsidize richer people. That method works like this.  Poor …

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An Open Letter to Members of the Franklin, NH School Board

By Karen Testerman Once again the taxpayers of Franklin are confronted with a request for an increase in funds. Oddly with a declining population of students, there is still a need for an increase in cost. What concerns me is that the discussion regarding budgets centers around teacher pay or the number of personnel required …

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Bedford School District Book Woes Re-ignite

The Bedford Public School system is back in the news again. Another book has popped up in the curriculum that is questioning the standards of the towns (cough-cough) educational experts. This time is it ‘Water For Elephants.”